What Companies Provide Emergency Glasses Repair Services?

If you are a person who needs prescription glasses regularly and accidentally broke or damaged your pair of eyeglasses, the situation is no less than a nightmare.

Getting a new pair of eyeglasses or getting them repaired on an urgent basis is an acute emergency condition. It might become troublesome for you to get it done in urgency, especially in the lockdown restrictions at most optic stores.  However, emergency eyeglasses repair services provided by online stores are a blessing in disguise.

Online eye exams are being conducted to avoid in-office visits. Online eyeglass businesses perform a tremendous job by facilitating their customers with a wide range of products and services. These emergency repair services are also helping eyeglass businesses in boosting their credibility and earn a lot more. Some companies offer this amazing service and promise to deliver eyeglasses after repair as soon as possible. Some companies offer to repair old frames; some offer to repair the lenses, while some are experts at repairing both. You can choose the company that suits you best for getting your eyeglasses repaired.

Here, we are introducing some known companies that provide emergency glasses repair services.


World optics are famous for providing stylish and durable frames, high-quality lenses, and eye examination services, but little did we know that they provide emergency glasses repair services. The technicians at World Optics are certified in welding and repairing glasses to provide quality services that you can trust. In addition, they repair the glasses in a manner that the result is practically unnoticeable and durable.

World Optics offers one-year guarantee services after repair and charges between $10 to $55 for their services, including shipping charges for both ways and providing a tracking id to customers to keep an eye on their parcel. In addition, they offer devoted customer services at affordable prices and minimum turnaround time.

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Exceptional Services

  • Budget-friendly and provide free shipment. 
  • Repair the frame of the glasses in such a way that there are no marks of repair.


As the name indicates, the company started as an online eyewear store that offers high-quality branded and non-branded glasses at affordable prices. Now they also own a store to provide a walking experience to their customers. In addition, they have the biggest collection of fashion eyeglasses separate for men and women to achieve the most sophisticated look.

Eyeglasses.com provides its customers a moneyback guarantee on the purchase of new frames, and they do not take shipment charges. However, as the items they sell are branded, eyeglasses.com only offers to replace lenses that save you from aggravation and some dollars.

Exceptional Services

  • Offers lens repair services at affordable prices.
  • In addition, they offer free online consultation for all your eye-related problems.


Overnight Glasses has an exceptional emergency glasses service. The company promises to deliver your eyeglasses within 24 hours after placing an order. They provide their customers with many options to choose glasses by style or brand and offer different lenses and coatings to make the best prescription glasses for you.

Overnight glasses offer to change the lenses in your existing frames due to prescription change or in case they are broken. They offer lenses at the cheapest prices, fastest delivery, and better quality that are easy to clean, UV protected, and Scratch-resistant. They manufacture lenses and guarantee to provide premium A+ grade lenses, tested by COLT labs for the highest performance and clarity scores. In addition, the optical team assures delivery of 100% accurate lenses.

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Exceptional Services

  • Guaranteed delivery of repaired glasses in 24 hours.
  • They are manufacturers of high-quality lenses and assure delivery of 100% accurate lenses.
  • They also repair prescription sunglasses.

04. All American Eyeglass Repair:

All American eyeglass repair offers 1-hour repair services in-store and same-day turnover if ordered via mail before noon. They have excellent repair services and refurbish old frames as well. They are the only eyeglass repair service providers that offer a National Customer service helpline number. They have 16 service stations in 6 big cities all around the USA. 

At All American Eyeglass Repair, repairing prices range from $29 to $49; however, exact prices can be quoted after knowing about the parts that need repair. In addition, they provide a facility to pay after the job is done and the customer is satisfied with their services.

Exceptional Services

  • They offer repair of old frames.
  • In addition, they provide a national customer support number.


SOS eyewear focuses on repairing eyeglasses and sunglasses only. From the frames’ arms to the nose pads, they fix everything in your frame and make it new and stunning, along with saving some dollars.

SOS eyewear offers glasses repair services, modifications, and rejuvenation while providing free shipment to most parts of the world. They have a team of specialists to provide the best quality repair services.

Exceptional Services

  • They can repair frames as well as lenses.
  • They provide services at extremely affordable prices.

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