What to Do If You Found a Baby Raccoon During the Attic Cleaning

It’s never fun to discover you’ve got a wild animal living somewhere on your property, although it happens more than you think. Usually, wild animals will be attracted to areas of the home that are less inhabited, like the attic or the basement. The fewer people go in there, the fewer chances they’ve got of being detected, and it stands to reason that any animal would want to avoid detection as much as possible.

That’s why it’s not at all uncommon to find a wild animal in one of these rooms while you’re cleaning, and here’s what you should do if you find a baby raccoon while cleaning out the attic. Below, we’ll share with you various raccoon removal tips and more information.

First, stay calm.

Losing your temper and panicking won’t help you or the animal settle the situation. Try to keep in mind that the baby raccoon is just as scared as you are, if not more so, so try to avoid sudden movements, so as not to force it into attack mode. You can learn more about raccoons in the attic at atticraccoon.com.

Keep children and pets away.

Remember that while the baby raccoon is usually less dangerous and less aggressive than you might expect, it is still a carrier of various diseases. And if it feels threatened, it probably won’t hesitate to claw at or bite your child or your pet. This is why one of the most important things to do when you discover a wild animal in your home is to keep it away from pets and children, to avoid infection. 

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Read up a little.

If possible, you’ll want to do a bit of research – matters like the type and amount of damage a baby raccoon can do to your attic, as well as local rules and regulations in regards to raccoon exclusion.

Identify its entry point.

Now that you’ve found the problem, you’ll want to figure out how the raccoon got into the home in the first place. Usually, a cracked wall, a missing shingle, or an uncapped chimney are common culprits. It’s very important that you seal the entry points to get rid of the raccoons, otherwise you’re just inviting more raccoons and wild animals to flock to your home. Try to use a material that’s difficult to tear, claw or chew through, like wire mesh, when sealing the entry point. 

Try a live trap.

If you’re feeling confident about your DIY skills, you can purchase a live trap, which is basically a cage that’ll use bait to lure the raccoon in. Once inside, the door of the trap will fall shut, trapping the raccoon, and allowing you to move it to another area, where it won’t bother you or anyone else.

Call a professional.

Catching and removing a baby raccoon all by yourself can be hard, particularly if you’ve got little ones to look after, as well. So sometimes, the best thing you can do is call a professional wildlife removal service like Virginia Professional Wildlife Removal Services, LLC. A professional wildlife removal service will inspect the home and figure out the raccoon’s entry point for you, and of course, fix it. Not only that, they will remove the baby raccoon, and, depending on the type of services offered, may even help with the clean-up and repair that is necessary after every wild animal invasion.

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Often, it helps to get a professional opinion, because they can give you important tips on preventing similar situations in the future. Whatever you do, if you’ve got a baby raccoon in your attic, make sure you act swiftly!

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