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What Are The Duties Of An HR Manager?

In an organization, there are several units, each with its role. These units are generally in a hierarchy, but not in all cases. For example, the management unit is typically a high-ranking unit in a firm or organization. This is because its role is very crucial in the progress of the organization and the coordination of other activities. This applies to your startup, regardless of its stage of growth.

What is HR Management?

A subsection under the management unit is the Human Resource (HR) management unit. The HR management coordinates the activities related to the employees of the organization. That is, from the interview of potential employees to directing and controlling the activities of all members of the organization’s staff.

The goal of HR management is to maximize staff performance to aid the realization of your startup’s strategic objectives.

Who is an HR Manager?

We have pointed out the importance of HR management, but who coordinates all the activities involved in this managerial process? Of course, the HR manager does this job. 

An HR manager is a member of a company or an organization that manages all employee-related activities. The HR manager of a company is responsible for overseeing each unit’s movement and dealing with issues in the administrative aspect of the business- startups or large companies.

In general, an HR manager acts as a director of a company. They supervise the recruitment process for new employees, coordinate training programs for staff, and ensure employees of each department carry out the tasks allocated to them. And, they are usually the first person an employee should meet when confronted with work-related problems in a startup.

Why is Having an HR Manager Important?

The HR manager in your startup carries out an essential job. Your startup would be unable to successfully recruit, manage and retain the working personnel without the help of a human resources manager.

Also, there is a need for a safe, non-toxic, and tolerant work environment for all employees, the HR manager included. However, this type of positive workplace culture is usually made possible by the HR manager. Consequently, a healthy work environment contributes to the progress of the organization and the achievement of organizational goals.

The HR manager ensures that the workforce of your startup is capable of contributing positively to your company. For instance, the HR manager establishes a certain standard that all prospective employees must meet with your startup’s goals in mind during the recruitment process. Also, if an employee shows promise for improvement, the HR manager trains the employee for your startup’s benefit. These operations optimize your company’s workforce.

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HR managers also help create realistic remuneration systems. This, in turn, establishes competitive pay rates with other companies of the same niche or a different niche but within the same industry. In addition, they carry out in-depth studies on remuneration systems to ensure the established pay rate aligns with the company’s financial capacity.

Another reason HR managers are essential personnel is their role in improving employer-employee, employee-employee, and employee-customer relationships. For example, they request staff opinions through surveys or meetings and implement strategies to maintain a suitable work environment. They also conduct feedback surveys on job contentment to foster positive professional relationships.

What are the Duties of an HR Manager?

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The duties of an HR manager in an organization are very crucial, and here are 5 of them.

Strategic Planning and Development

HR managers participate in the planning of a company’s short and long-term objectives. Active participation in these plans enables them to have a good grasp of your startup’s goals and objectives. This will allow them to effectively distribute specific tasks to each company unit to achieve the set goals.

When specific roles are assigned correctly to the different departments, the organization’s goals will be easily achieved. In the long run, there will be a positive development in that company.

An HR manager can also contribute to the planning of the administrative activities with their professional knowledge and experience, all for the company’s betterment.

Provision of employee career assistance

The workforce of modern organizations constantly evolves due to the ever-changing market. An HR manager can help employees deal with these changes in demand and expectations by carrying out career surveys. 

Human resource managers in the contemporary age assist employees in identifying areas for growth and developing different initiatives. They can obtain a better understanding of the current human productive capacity by assisting employees with career development. This allows for the identification of potential candidates within the workforce for recruitment into possible future positions while meeting market standards.

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Recruiting employees that serve company goals

Human resource executives do not only post ads for position vacancies and hold interviews. They also recruit employees that serve the objectives of the company.

HR managers promote companies as excellent places to work. They usually achieve this type of recognition for their firms by establishing a healthy work culture and environment and providing favorable remuneration to attract worthy candidates.

Serve as an advocate for employees

Human resource managers help to create a work environment in which employees are motivated and productive. They use effective strategies like employee empowerment, purpose evaluation, and constructive feedback to achieve this goal. This results in an improvement in customer experiences with the organization’s work personnel.

Provide support for employees in non-professional settings

Encouraging employees to speak up when they are in toxic environments that aren’t workplaces is part of healthy work culture. Sometimes, staff members are not highly productive due to reasons like domestic violence, mental health illnesses, or self-doubt. Providing the emotional support that such employees need is very important.

To do this, an HR manager needs to first create a supportive and tolerating environment for employees to ensure that they are comfortable enough to seek help, even as regards non-professional situations when required. This can help victim employees both in the source environment and at the workplace.


The importance of a human resource manager in an organization cannot be overemphasized. HR managers contribute to your startup significantly and help in the realization of its mission, vision, and objectives. They interview and hire the most suitable candidates and help create a conducive working environment for them to facilitate growth.


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