The Different Types Of LGBTQ+ Flags And Why They Are Important

LGBTQ is an acronym used to represent non-binary gender identities and a diverse range of sexualities. This term is more user-friendly in the community and you also must have heard some terms like the “Rainbow Community” and “Queer Community”.

LGBTQ+ is an initialism that stands for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer, or Questioning. The plus sign includes all other communities like “LGBTTTQQIAA”. To understand more about the importance of their motto, let’s take a deeper dive.

Understanding the LGBTQ+ Narrative


Lesbians are people who are attracted to the same gender and this type is specifically limited to females.


Gay is a term that refers to the individuals who are also attracted to people of the same gender but this time the alignment is man to man. Lesbians are also called gay sometimes, as this term “gay” became popular in the ’80s, and now bisexual and pansexual are also referred to as gay.


Bisexual individuals are sometimes misunderstood as being gay while identifying them. So, it is important to recognize them. Bisexuality is an attraction towards all genders.


Transgenders are individuals, whose gender identity is the opposite of what they are associated with the sex they were expected after their birth.


Queer is a slur. It is a term used for any individual who is cisgender and heterosexual. This term is not for all the individuals of the specific community. Whereas questioning is a term that refers the people who are not sure about their sexuality or gender identity.

+ represents all other identities

The plus sign represents the rest of the gender identities who are not represented in the LGBTQ+ acronym.

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Types of LGBTQ+ Flags

Bisexual Pride Flag

This flag has three stripes on it from top to the bottom which are: Hot pink, violet, and blue.

Lesbian Pride

This flag is made of seven stripes of an orange and pink shade from the top to bottom with a white stripe in the center.

Original 8 Stripe Pride Flag

In 1978, the original pride flag was created with 8 horizontal stripes on it. This flag is created for a very important purpose to highlight this community as there are thousands of many unique flags in the world that represent particular political parties, countries, communities, and organizations. According to the details found at Ultimate Flags, it’s clarified that flags play a vital role in the identification and recognition of any country and another specific thing. In the 8 stripe pride flags, each band reflects different attributes and characteristics.

Rainbow Flags

This flag is the symbol of the LGBT community and is also known as the gay pride flag, It has a rich and beautiful history just like itself, the colors in this flag reflect the diversity of the LGBT community.

Importance of LGBTQ+ Flags

These LGBTQ+ flags are important in our society because of their visibility. It ensures that these individuals feel more secure and an important part of the country. These flags are a symbol of solidarity, acceptance, and inclusion.

To make this community prominent and visible, these flags help you create a greater sense of self-affirmation and affirmative environments. It also helps in affirming self-identity which boosts their mental health, self-worth, and self-esteem.

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The good news is that now gradually there have been many improvements made by the authorities in recent years to change this. Also, the representation of LGBTQ characters and relationships on screen is giving them a positive identity in society due to this greater diversity and visibility of these genders have been increasing and society is accepting them as reputable citizens too.

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