Make Your Business Stand Out With The Right Marketing Strategy

Having a thriving business that grows exponentially is the dream for many entrepreneurs. However, only 50% of all businesses make it through their first five years, and only one in three businesses last beyond their tenth year. Businesses can fail due to many different reasons, but often it’s because they do not use the right marketing strategies that will help them stand out among the competition. Nowadays, the myriad of distractions in the digital age can make it difficult to capture people’s attention for more than a few seconds at a time. This is why it’s very important to develop marketing strategies that help your business grow and stay at the top of your customer’s minds. 

Cater to a Specific Type of Customer

The trap that many businesses fall into is that they think they must serve everyone. They try to target every single customer demographic because they think that this will bring in more revenue. However, what this actually does is make the business’s sales message vague and muddled. When this happens, people are not able to discern what the business is really about, and they won’t feel compelled to choose the business over other similar businesses. 

The solution is to niche down and specialize. For example, instead of just selling bags that would appeal to every type of person on the planet, your business could cater specifically to those who bring their work with them as they travel. Or if you make soaps, your products could be made specifically for conscious consumers who are mindful of their impact on nature. Either way, speaking directly to your specific audience is what helps build that trust and rapport that could eventually turn your customers into ardent fans of your business.

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Turn Viewers into Prospects

Simply catching people’s attention at all costs, such as using clickbait, isn’t beneficial to convert views into sales. It is important to catch their attention as a first step, but more importantly, it’s about meeting them exactly where they are by addressing the customer’s pain points. One good way of doing that is by creating valuable content that will answer questions they have about their specific concerns, problems, curiosities, desires, or anything they want to know without any direct attempts to sell to them.

According to, today’s search engines now give more weight to quality, in-depth pieces. Gone are the days when content farms can try to hack the algorithms by creating thousands of low quality content for search engines to rank. Nowadays, SEO is once again human-centered. This is why when a business leads first with value and a genuine desire to help, they stand out not only through a good reputation, but in page rankings and social media shares as well.

Stand Out by Giving Value

There is no shortcut for a business to stand out, other than to simply step in where people need them to be. Most people prefer to do their own research, which makes them lead themselves through the sales journey before they ever come into contact with a salesperson. Through all of this, they understand your product better and ultimately make their own decisions about buying it, which can be more effective at increasing their loyalty to your brand. 

The right marketing strategy often involves understanding your customer on a deeper level and finding the most effective way of communicating with them at that very specific level. Your business stands out when you try to meet a customer exactly where they are and lead with a genuine desire to serve. This way you are not just sending vague and general messages that don’t catch anyone’s interest and don’t help anyone. 

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