How To Make Your Loyal Customers Feel Like VIPs 

Loyal customers are the most valuable customers a business can have and should be treated as such to ensure they will continue coming back. Are you treating them like the VIPs they are? Special attention and exclusive benefits will make your VIP customers feel valued and emotionally connected to the brand, which increases the chances they will return as customers in the future, generate more revenue and recommend your brand to others. There are several ways to incentivize and reward loyal customers to make them feel like VIPs that will have them coming back in the future.

Make use of loyalty programs

Repeat business is one of the best ways to drive revenue and build your brand. Loyalty programs such as point-based systems are one of the most common ways to achieve this, to incentivize loyalty and reward returning customers over a longer time span. There are different types of loyalty programs available on the market, one of the most known are the frequent flyer programs offered by airlines that allow travelers to collect miles with every trip. Customers can climb up the tiers to enjoy exclusive benefits and rewards depending on which level they are on. Such loyalty programs can be beneficial in many different industries and can give VIP customers a feeling of exclusivity if done right. Find the type of loyalty program that suits your brand best and get inventive with how customers collect points, and which rewards they will enjoy once they have reached the top tier. 

Offer specialized VIP rewards 

No matter if you are using a loyalty scheme or not, make sure your VIP customers feel special. These are the customers you want to go the extra mile for to ensure their loyalty is recognized and valued. It’s best to offer VIPs an exclusive experience that will show them they are part of a small elite group by giving them rewards, perks, and benefits other customers don’t have access to. When picking incentives and rewards, make sure you know what your VIP customers actually want, as their needs may be different from an average customer. If you’re running an e-commerce business, you could, for instance, run special sales and events for your VIP customers only or offer them exclusive perks such as free express shipping or gifts with every order. Make sure they know they are receiving these benefits because of their loyalty. 

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You can also offer special discounts for VIP customers, but make sure these are attractive to those customers. For instance, while a bargain shopper may be incentivized to buy by a $10 voucher, for a high-spending customer who doesn’t pay attention to sales it might not be sufficient. A great example to show how to adapt these benefits to the customer can be seen in the gambling sector. Many online casinos offer VIP casino bonuses to high rollers who place larger wagers than the average player. While normal welcome bonuses appeal to a range of budgets, these usually don’t satisfy bigger spenders, which is why casinos offer special high roller bonuses. Some of these bonuses are promoted on the website to let other players know the perks they could enjoy as VIPs, while other casinos message high rollers individually to offer them exclusive rewards in person. With such rewards, no matter which industry your business is in, your loyal customers get the red-carpet VIP treatment that will leave them feeling valued and appreciated.

Ensure personalized experiences

While loyalty programs and exclusive rewards will help make your VIP customers feel special, it is also crucial to treat them like the unique person they are. This is where personalization comes in: Adapt the communication with your VIP customers through every channel and draw upon their individual preferences and history to fully personalize their experience. No matter if your VIP customer is talking to customer service staff or using technology, they should feel that your business sees them as a human, long-standing customer. Personalized recommendations and offers can go a long way and show your VIP customers that you know them and recognize their needs. Hiring dedicated support staff for VIP customers who know their names and history can further enhance the level of personalization. 

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Loyal customers are invaluable for your business and should be treated like the VIPs they are. Going the extra mile to ensure they feel truly valued can help build a deeper bond between them and your brand and keep their loyalty sustained. 

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