Advances in Concrete and Asphalt Paving Equipment

The construction industry relies heavily on equipment that allows concrete and asphalt to be produced. Almost all building sites will require concrete to be poured as part of the foundation stages of a building, along with providing other structural elements for projects. In addition, the road and highway network across America depends on an ongoing system of development and maintenance. The lifecycle of a typical road is shorter than you may expect, and it is estimated that a road will need to be completely rebuilt and overlaid with asphalt every 35 to 39 years. A lot depends on the climate of the country and the quality of the materials used in the construction of the road. However, this demonstrates that maintaining road networks is a continual process. Thankfully, there have been some key advances in concrete and asphalt paving equipment that support the road maintenance sector and the wider construction industry. In this article, some of the key advances will be discussed.

Lower emissions and fuel consumption

Firstly, modern concrete and asphalt paving equipment is now more efficient than ever before. In an age where fuel consumption is a key factor in the purchase of vehicles, concrete and asphalt paving vehicles need to operate efficiently and minimize their fuel consumption. For example, in the F Series of pavers that are produced by Caterpillar, the vehicles feature an “eco mode” which allows them to operate with an automatically regulated speed control. This optimizes the fuel consumption of the vehicle while helping to keep emissions low. It can also help to reduce sound levels, which can reduce the disturbance that is caused when such machinery operates in residential neighborhoods as part of ongoing road maintenance plans.

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Improved after-sales support

It is also important to consider the wider benefits that have been introduced when purchasing concrete and asphalt paving equipment. Search online for concrete contractors near me, and you will find information on firms that supply essential vehicles and equipment that are used in concrete and asphalt paving operations. Some of these firms will offer more than just a simple transaction when buying such equipment. They will provide comprehensive aftersales support, including access to service technicians and industry experts. This helps to ensure that the equipment you purchase will have the longest possible useful lifespan and will remain highly efficient in operation. When you consider that some concrete and asphalt paving machinery can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to purchase outright, it is vitally important to ensure that this investment remains operational and effective for years to come.

Concrete crushers to recycle used materials

Finally, in an era of humankind where there is an increasing need for sustainability in all forms of industry, firms must consider their environmental impact. For example, concrete production is a major contributor to the release of CO2 which is known to contribute to global warming and climate change. Recent studies indicate that cement production alone accounts for 7% of the total global CO2 emissions. This is more than the global CO2 production that is attributed to aviation! There is a need to minimize concrete production and re-use the material where possible. Concrete crushers undertake this vital role, allowing old concrete to be repurposed and used in conventional concrete paving equipment.

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