27 Jan 2020

What The Latest Coronavirus Tells Us About Emerging New Infections

Viruses are quick studies. They’re prolific at adapting to new environments and infecting new hosts.

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25 Jan 2020

Here Are 6 Lessons Social Entrepreneurs Learned About Creating Systems Change

Systems change, is “on a large scale, changing the way a majority of relevant players

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24 Jan 2020

Should We Be Worried About The New Wuhan Coronavirus?

The World Health Organisation has postponed its decision about whether to classify the new Wuhan

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21 Jan 2020

Improving Your Health: Tips from a Fellow Filipino BPO Employee

You may be one of the1.2 million-strong(and counting) BPO employees in the Philippines, working in

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20 Jan 2020

Black Americans Mostly Left Behind By Progress Since Dr. King’s Death

On Apr. 4, 1968, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated in Memphis, Tennessee, while

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16 Jan 2020

If Countries Were As Large As Their Populations, Here’s How The World Would Look Like

Maps are great instruments for navigation. However, they have little to say when it comes

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13 Jan 2020

Asian Countries Dominate Most Powerful Passport List For 2020

Japan is once again the leader when it comes to the number of destinations a

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12 Jan 2020

In 2100, These 10 Countries Will Emerge As The Largest

Some of the ten most populous countries in the world right now will no longer

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10 Jan 2020

The Global Gender Gap Report 2020

Our world is on its way to building fairer and more inclusive economies. One aspect

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10 Dec 2019

Human Rights Day 2019: Youth Empowers Positive Dynamics

The 10th of December is celebrated as Human Rights Day. This event marks the day

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05 Dec 2019

Re-Signified: How Generation Z Is Reshaping The Way We View Consumption

Across generations, young people have always been influential. Their ideals, desires, and experiences shape the

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04 Dec 2019

The Realities Of Being A Woman In The Workplace

Defining what it means to be a woman in the workplace isn’t easy. It wasn’t

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25 Nov 2019

5 Tips For Surviving In An Increasingly Uncertain World

A recent study showed that North Americans are becoming less tolerant of uncertainty. The U.S.

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21 Nov 2019

Legal Provisions For Employment Discrimination On Criminal Records

Defining a Criminal Record It is a document that contains information about a person’s criminal

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20 Nov 2019

The Top 10 U.S. Cities For Immigrants

Our world is becoming more and more diverse as people continue to move from their

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19 Nov 2019

What A Society Designed For Well-Being Looks Like

In early June last 2018, the back-to-back suicides of celebrities Anthony Bourdain and Kate Spade,

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19 Nov 2019

Nature Is So Good for You That Even Watching It On TV Improves Well-Being

Humans have long intuited that being in nature is good for the mind and body.

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16 Nov 2019

What Do We Really Celebrate on International Day for Tolerance?

November 16 marks the International Day of Tolerance. This day, we commemorate tolerance. What is

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14 Nov 2019

The Joker to Guy Fawkes: Why Protesters Around The World Are Wearing The Same Masks

From Hong Kong to Chile and from Lebanon to Iraq, people around the world are

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13 Nov 2019

Plague Was Around For Millennia Before Epidemics Took Hold – And The Way People Lived Might Be What Protected Them

One of civilization’s most prolific killers shadowed humans for thousands of years without their knowledge.

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23 Oct 2019

2019 PISA Indicators And Its Significance To Economic Growth

Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) is a survey conceptualized by the Organisation for Economic

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18 Oct 2019

Three Ways To Stop The Global Economic System Working For Only Rich White Men

Women’s unpaid work is worth $10 trillion annually. Amazon’s Jeff Bezos’s personal wealth dwarves the

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15 Oct 2019

Surveying Archaeologists Across The Globe Reveals Deeper And More Widespread Roots Of The Human Age, The Anthropocene

Examples of how human societies are changing the planet abound – from building roads and

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14 Oct 2019

Does Your City Celebrate Indigenous Peoples’ Day?

Columbus Day commemorates the arrival of Christopher Columbus to the Americas back on October 12,

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14 Oct 2019

What Makes Canadian Thanksgiving Unique

It’s Thanksgiving, are you prepared? No? It’s too early? Not if you live in Canada.

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11 Oct 2019

Why Don’t More Women Win Science Nobels?

All of the 2019 Nobel Prizes in science were awarded to men. That’s a return

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10 Oct 2019

Cities Alive: Designing For Urban Childhoods

Much of the things we do right now will heavily impact future generations. This goes

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09 Oct 2019

Joker Makes For Uncomfortable Viewing – It Shows How Society Creates Extremists

The backlash against the backlash has begun. Joker, starring Joaquin Phoenix and directed by Todd

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07 Oct 2019

Examining Inequality: A Gates Foundation Report

In the midst of the growth and development in our world, there are those who

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06 Oct 2019

Social Media Is A Serious Threat To Your Mental Health

The influence of social media to humans has only increased over time. Right now, this

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