is a social bartering & community livelihood platform,
that enables anyone to become a services & goods provider,
using beautiful mobile experiences, adaptive learning analytics, ecosystem integrations, reputations, & digital technologies,
to unleash human potential & social capital.





Being a Bart means freedom to dream and create.

Our founding is simple, small, and almost unremarkable.

Working together in the past – through thick & thin, through projects & products, through small & big companies, and through success & failures – our founding team has always been bound by a deep-rooted longing to build purposeful, impactful, and beautiful products and solutions. These are inspired by empathically and vicariously understanding the needs of others then merging it with our personal and collective history. Though ever grateful, our roots are far from privileged in so many ways.

This gives us a unique perspective in building BartDay.

There are talks, buzz, and chatter around current, trending, and emerging patterns in the market like edu-tech, fin-tech, IoT, prop-tech, SMAC, energy-tech, health-tech, wearables, etc. There is real value in these along with other business-as-usual and advanced domains. We believe, though, there are problems and aspirations that deserve our team’s better attention.

We call this our C5 mission. This is the convergence of 5 intricately intertwined concerns that drive our strategy.


  • Cities
  • Citizens
  • Communities
  • Communications
  • Commerce

There is a C6 version, of course, which includes Climate. We are still thinking about it on napkins and loose scratch papers. 🙂


BartDay is our answer – not just to solving a problem or that so-called, painpoint – but also to an elementary idea and aspiration: human potential, its fulfillment and expression at a human level, and using human ingenuity that has taken us this far, practically and sustainably.

BartDay is a livelihood platform, not just for selling stuffs, but for expressing your hobbies, your hidden skills, your unused capabilities, your contributions to society, your services, and your passion within a community and neighbourhood. Whether this be a small town or a highly-dense urban setting, we believe, everyone has something to offer.

This is the true social network. You. People.

They say, the world can now be one’s oyster; Anything from Anywhere. It is a wonderful concept but challenges that comes along with these modern conveniences will take its toll:


  • Energy
  • Transportation
  • Pollution
  • Income inequality
  • First-world vs third-world differences/realities
  • Unbelievable food waste
  • And all other hidden ills


The sad reality is that, the price is paid mostly by those unable to do so. E-Commerce. Social Media. Mobile. Digital. All wonderful. But there is a long way to go.

BartDay is not just a pitch. BartDay is not just a product. BartDay is not just a startup.

BartDay, just like everything we build and fight for, is a mission and rallying cry for freedom to pursue and unleash one’s potential: hopingly unlimited by race, nationality, religion, gender, social station, geography, and others.

This is both a dream and a journey. We welcome you to BartDay.