08 Oct 2018

America Has Become A Gerontocracy. We Must Change That.

The United States has a gerontocracy problem. This was clearly demonstrated in the recent hearings

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02 Aug 2018

Green Space, Benches, Sidewalks Needed To Create Age-Friendly Cities

For seniors, the benefits of walking are huge. Research shows that regular walking improves balance

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30 Jun 2016

Viewpoints & Wisdom For Designing Cities, By Our Elders

From tackling isolation in Leicester to better footpaths in Dhaka, you shared your experiences of

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19 Jun 2015

Our Elders Who Built Our Great Cities Deserve Better

Too many urban spaces are daunting to older people. But Lyon and Manchester show that

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24 Mar 2015

Which Are The Best Countries In The World To Grow Old In?

Pensions and healthcare benefits vary widely across the globe as do people’s perception of their

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