28 Feb 2020

Inversion Solutions — Tackling Utah’s Pollution Problem

Inversion season is over, but expect another spell by November. Even without inversion, Utah’s air

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26 Nov 2019

Where Air Pollution Cuts Life Expectancy the Most

If you’re living in these ten countries, then your life expectancy is computed to be

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28 Aug 2019

Seven Threats To The State Of The Air In The US

Too many people in the United States live their daily lives with air unhealthy for

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19 Aug 2019

The Most Air Polluted Countries Of 2019

Air pollution is among the greatest threats to human health, with an estimated 7 million

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01 Feb 2019

Air Pollution May Be Affecting How Happy You Are

For decades now, GDP has been the standard measure of a nation’s well-being. But it

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25 Oct 2018

Some Reasons Why You Should Have Air Purifiers At Home

It is crucial to get the best air purifier for your house or office if

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03 Sep 2018

Dumber Humans — That’s Just One Effect Of A More Polluted Future

ANOTHER DOWNSIDE. We knew that air pollution damages our physical health. Turns out, it’s also wreaking

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24 Aug 2018

Clean Air Is Now A Status Symbol In The World’s Most Polluted Cities

The Cordis hotel in Shanghai boasts proximity to railways and the airport, a beautiful pool,

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20 Jul 2018

People Of Color Breathe More Air Pollution

People of color are exposed to more pollution from cars, trucks, and power plants than

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13 Jul 2018

100 Years Ago, Air Pollution Stained Birds Gray

The dirty feathers of birds in some museum collections are giving scientists clues as to

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12 Jul 2018

The Wrong Location Can Offset Health Benefits Of Walking

Exposure to air pollution on city streets is enough to counter the health benefits of

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08 May 2018

Air Pollution Increases Crime In Cities – Here’s How

The impact of air pollution on human health is well-documented. We know that exposure to

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05 Dec 2017

When We Harm The Environment, We’re Hurting Our Health

Our planet’s resources find themselves in a precarious situation. The very ideals and strengths that

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10 Nov 2017

How Our Choices For Holiday Trips Affect Air Travel’s Sustainability

You might think that the 100% increases in charges drivers pay for dropping people off at airports

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08 Jan 2016

Finally! Clever Building Technologies Can Clean Pollution In Cities

A seven metre tall tower designed by Daan Roosegaarde filters dirty air, releasing bubbles of

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05 Nov 2015

Greener But Not Cleaner? How Trees Can Worsen Urban Air Pollution?

No one enjoys choking on smog, but are more trees really the answer for polluted

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15 Sep 2015

Think Cities Make You Smart? Think Again. If You Can.

Metropolitan cities continue to swell across the U.S. as millions flock to densely populated regions

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01 Jul 2015

Driverless Pods Could Reduce Traffic Congestion In India

This futuristic “personal rapid transit” network would deliver passengers right to their doors. Now they

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18 Jun 2015

Building Infrastructure That Cleans The Air

Barcelona is building a traffic bridge out of pollution-neutralizing concrete. Chicago has paved a road

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26 May 2015

Using Low-Emission Zones To Improve Health In Cities

In May 2007, the Mayor of London, Ken Livingstone, announced that the city would be

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11 May 2015

CO2 On A New World Record High

  The monthly global average concentration of carbon dioxide just broke 400 parts per million

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22 Apr 2015

Suffocating Under The Dome Of China’s Air Pollution

A film criticising Beijing’s pollution record has logged millions of views, and the government now

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