01 Jun 2019

How To Prevent Discriminatory Outcomes In Machine Learning

As machine learning (ML) systems continue to improve, its integration to systems making up the

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10 Apr 2019

Bias In Cable News

How much does consuming news with a strong political slant influence Americans’ votes in presidential

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14 Feb 2019

Money Can Change Which News Stories We Believe

We may be more likely to correctly evaluate a news stories’ accuracy and agree with

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18 Oct 2018

Does Racial Bias Show Up In The Crosswalk?

African Americans may have to wait in a crosswalk about 32 percent longer than white

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13 Apr 2018

How Do We Keep Bias Out Of Stories?

We stick with the facts, and several editors read every story. The truth is, journalism

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14 Aug 2015

How Big Data Can Also Discriminate Like People

“This program had absolutely nothing to do with race…but multi-variable equations.” That’s what Brett Goldstein,

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