06 Dec 2019

How We Can Recycle More Buildings

More than 35 billion tonnes of non-metallic minerals are extracted from the Earth every year.

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25 Oct 2019

As The Climate Changes, Architects And Engineers Need To Design Buildings Differently

In the past seven years, four major disasters have caused serious disruptions in the Northeast

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03 May 2019

What Everybody Ought To Know About Rope Access Services

Rope access services are getting popular and there are many companies cropping up all over

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05 Mar 2019

Titanium, For The Safe And Sustainable Modern City

City skylines are often dominated by concrete, steel and glass, but underneath, titanium often provides

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26 Feb 2019

3 Trends In Urban Property Development In 2019

Urban property development trends for 2019 are shifting dramatically. From millennials moving to the suburbs

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27 Dec 2018

4 Main Hazards In The Construction Business

It’s not a walk in the part to working in the construction industry. It involves

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29 Oct 2018

How To Ensure Your Property Is Weatherproof

There is presently an ongoing debate regarding what the effects of climate change are on

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15 Oct 2018

An Intriguing Sci-Fi Vision Of A Megacity

Artist Olalekan Jeyifous creates fantastical, futuristic images of Lagos, Nigeria, to get people thinking about

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17 Sep 2018

How To Make Creative Cities — From Buildings To Buses

“I am in love with cities,” says British designer and architect Thomas Heatherwick (TED Talk: Building the

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27 Aug 2018

What Would It Take To Build A Tower As High As Outer Space?

The human desire to create ever bigger and more impressive structures is insatiable. The pyramids

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09 Aug 2018

More Children Are Living In High-Rise Apartments, So Designers Should Keep Them In Mind

Australian cities are changing. Instead of families living in low-density suburban areas, more parents are

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26 Jul 2018

‘This Waterfront Needs A Highway’: The Huge Mistakes Cities Keep Making

Why don’t cities learn from the mistakes others have made? We list the terrible ideas

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11 Jun 2018

The Secret Solution To Urban Heat As Taught By Termites

How do you cool a building without air conditioning? In nature, termites build skyscraper-like mounds

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28 Feb 2018

The Immigrant Architects Who Built New York City

The common wisdom is that New York is a city built by immigrants, its spirit

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23 Dec 2017

Autonomy Enables Adaptive Built Environment

Designers’ novel thinking about data, tools and methods is advancing to a point where it’s possible

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19 Jun 2017

Smart And Green Real Estate Makes Money Sense, Really

Improved light, ventilation and heat control can boost workers’ productivity by thousands of dollars a

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10 Jan 2017

Even The Ancients Cared About Heritage Buildings Before Reinventing Them

In any debate on new construction in our urban centres you are likely to hear

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31 Mar 2016

A Winning Skyscraper Design, Done Upside Down

Imagine standing on the edge of New York’s Central Park and looking down into a

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22 Jan 2016

Why Affordable Housing Still Loses Vs High-Rise In Cost

You may be surprised to hear that condos, all else equal, are more expensive than

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17 Dec 2015

How To Pioneer Efficient And Sustainable Community Living

For most of human history, we’ve lived in groups a lot larger than our family

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24 Aug 2015

The Top 10 Cities Of The Future

If you think about it, human settlements tend to have their own gravitational pull. Like

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28 Jul 2015

Why Are We Not Making The Most Of Buildings In Cities?

Urban residents around the world have different daily routines, but they share something in common

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24 Jul 2015

How Future Cities May Look More Like Natural Forest And Why It Matters

With its broad strokes of thinking and long-term implementation, urban planning isn’t the most exciting

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13 Jul 2015

Are We Building Skyscrapers Upside Down?

In a traditional skyscraper, the widest part of the building is at its base, and

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26 Jun 2015

Why Building With Wood In The Future, Has A Future

Vancouver-based architect Michael Green was unequivocal at a conference at which I heard him speak

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25 Jun 2015

Why Using Straw For Housing Material Makes Sense

Straw is cheap, good for the environment and an excellent insulator. So why don’t we

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18 Jun 2015

Building Infrastructure That Cleans The Air

Barcelona is building a traffic bridge out of pollution-neutralizing concrete. Chicago has paved a road

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10 Jun 2015

World Class Sustainable And Unique Building Designs

The 12 world class sustainable building designs are featured in a new infographic created by

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16 May 2015

Mapping The Age Of Every Building In Manhattan

A tool called Urban Layers tracks Manhattan’s rise, block by block, since 1765. The Harlem

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15 May 2015

Step Inside The 10 Best Green Buildings of 2015

When the American Institute of Architects first started handing out annual awards for sustainable architecture

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09 May 2015

Design For Our Acoustics

  Design briefs hardly ever include a description of the acoustic experience that should be

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09 May 2015

Model Village Lessons

  Visiting a new settlement planned on utopian principles during my travels through France this

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04 May 2015

Christchurch As A Modern 21st Century Lab

  Following the disastrous earthquakes that have rendered the city centre of Christchurch, New Zealand

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02 May 2015

Urban Environment Design And Bad Guys

Whose job is it to prevent crime? The police? The courts? Certainly. However, I’d argue

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17 Apr 2015

7 Ways Architecture Can Tackle Global Warming

Architecture is one of the key drivers of climate change. Between construction and the energy

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18 Mar 2015

Building For Earthquake Resilience

Base isolation is seismic engineering’s equivalent of seatbelts in cars – and maybe more: it’s

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13 Mar 2015

Skipping The 13th Floor

Humans assign so much meaning to numbers that superstition affects infrastructure design. In 1988, The

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