19 Mar 2019

Christchurch Attacks Are A Stark Warning Of Toxic Political Environment That Allows Hate To Flourish

When lives are tragically cut short, it is generally easier to explain the “how” than

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22 Jan 2018

What Would An Earthquake-Proof City Look Like?

Earthquakes don’t kill people (generally), collapsing buildings do – meaning it is cities where the

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29 Feb 2016

Shopping In Shipping Containers : A Tour Of Christchurch NZ’s Unique Re:START Mall

After the devastating 2011 earthquake, historic Christchurch begins to recover, starting with the pop-up Re:START

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01 Sep 2015

How Christchurch Returned The City To Its Cycling Roots

After the 2011 disaster, residents were asked what they wanted from the city once known

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04 May 2015

Christchurch As A Modern 21st Century Lab

  Following the disastrous earthquakes that have rendered the city centre of Christchurch, New Zealand

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06 Mar 2015

TomorrowWalker’s Poem for Christchurch

Christchurch, you wee bright gem you Ready to jump back into the blue Dipping your

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20 Feb 2015

Christchurch: After The Earthquake, A City Rebuilt In Whose Image?

A recent international visitor to New Zealand‘s second largest city asked Coralie Winn why there

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30 Jan 2015

What Does it Mean to Rebuild a City?

108 years ago, San Francisco was hit by a major earthquake, sparking fires that decimated

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29 Jan 2015

Christchurch In Pictures : Life After A Devastating Earthquake

Christchurch-based Danny Squires is director of Space Craft Systems and co-founder of WikiHouse/NZ, a global project

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