06 Mar 2020

The 100 Most Solar Cities In America

45 of the 57 largest cities in the United States doubled in solar capacity over

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05 Mar 2020

The Reign Of Fossil Fuels Must End ⁠— This Energy Source Can Potentially Kick It Out

Fossil fuels had driven the growth that was observed in the Industrial Revolution. Even today

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22 Nov 2019

Hungry For Data, Starving The World

There are 5.9 million Instagram posts tagged #EcoFriendly.​ There’s no doubt that people all over

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26 Sep 2019

8 Most Sustainable Countries Around The World

From plastic-filled oceans and climate change to poor healthcare systems and unequal pay, sustainability is

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29 Aug 2019

Smashing The Urban Myths: How Clean Energy Builds New Cities

Our cities are hotbeds of inspiration, connection and breathtakingly brilliant ideas. They have given us

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06 Jun 2019

There’s More To Las Vegas Than Gambling

Las Vegas is an incredibly unique city. Whoever would have thought a casino paradise could

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13 Aug 2018

The Market Will Give Us Cleaner Energy, If We Let It

Market forces are giving Americans cheaper, cleaner energy. We would all be best served to

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12 Mar 2018

Top Breakthrough Technologies For 2018 : Zero-Carbon Natural Gas

The world is probably stuck with natural gas as one of our primary sources of

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22 Oct 2015

Resilience For Free : Protecting Vulnerable Communities

Clean Energy Group, through its Resilient Power Project, has released a new report analysing the

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22 Jul 2015

Why Making Money In Clean Energy Is No Longer A Joke

The government’s draft direction this week to the Clean Energy Finance Corporation to invest in

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