08 Feb 2017

Why Cities Temperature Are Warmer Than The Countryside?

In cities, the air, surface and soil temperatures are almost always warmer than in rural

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07 Feb 2017

When The Heat Is On, What Should We Do In Our Cities?

The recent spate of heatwaves through eastern Australia has reminded us we’re in an Australian

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16 Dec 2016

Smart Cities Is Not Enough, It Needs To Be Smarter Or Else

As a planet, we have some serious climate targets to meet in the coming years.

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27 Sep 2016

Amazon’s People Are In Danger, For Our Power Appetite

There are currently over 60 major hydroelectric dam projects in the Amazon. The third largest

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08 Jun 2016

Aussie’s 2016 Election Has Different Tone & Priority Than USA’s

Rural and regional Australia is a big place. That’s obvious enough. Still, it’s easy to

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03 May 2016

Can Australia’s Climate Change Mission Be Saved With Farming?

Australia’s agricultural lands help to feed about 60 million people worldwide, and also support tens of

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26 Apr 2016

The 11 Hottest Places On Earth

Summer is often a welcome season after a chilly winter, but there are some extreme

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26 Apr 2016

Is Sydney’s Hot Day Runs A Pattern For Its Future

Sydney is hot. Well technically, it’s persistently warm and lacking cool outbreaks, but this run

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26 Apr 2016

Is A 100-Year Global Record Enough To Convince Naysayers?

Average global temperature was 1.07C hotter – beating last month’s previous record increase. The global

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06 Jan 2016

The Internet Predicts Interesting 2016 Events

It’s the end of 2015, and many are using the occasion to look back on

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05 Jan 2016

Why Cities Rise Fast And Falls Faster

Combined challenge of climate change and population growth puts premium on rapid urbanisation ‘in a

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05 Jan 2016

It Is Obvious! Climate Change Needs Broadest Collaboration

To achieve the kind of environmentally sustainable future we will want our grandchildren to inherit,

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28 Dec 2015

The Year That Was About Environment & Energy, Finally

Environmental news, as a rule, doesn’t deal in triumphs. So the sight of leaders holding

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08 Dec 2015

Why Climate Change Really Is In Our Hands, Not Politicians

It’s now almost certain that 2015 will be the warmest year ever recorded. However, rather

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07 Dec 2015

Why We Must Learn From Sunken Cities Or Suffer Their Fate

The British Museum’s Sunken Cities exhibition is a reminder of our future. If we accept

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03 Dec 2015

How To Be Sustainable Like An Aussie

“A sustainable Australia is possible – but we have to choose it.” That’s the finding

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03 Dec 2015

Looking For Fresh City Air? Discover Here Where Not To Be.

Outdoor air pollution kills 3.3 million people, mostly in cities, every year. That’s more than

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02 Dec 2015

Why Cities And Cars Are Soon To Get A Divorce

Last month, Oslo became the first major city to announce ambitions to go car-free by

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23 Nov 2015

Why Greenland’s People Will Pioneer A New Way Of Life

Greenland’s hunters are facing a threat to centuries of tradition. Albert Lukassen’s world is melting

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06 Nov 2015

Why Ancient Farming Wisdom May Feed Our Future

Terrace farming as practiced from time immemorial by native peoples in the Andes mountains contributes

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29 Oct 2015

Why Small And Simple Is Key To Flood Resilience

How should cities respond to the threat of flooding? I think sometimes small, simple interventions

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15 Oct 2015

How The World’s Largest Man-Made Waves May Prevent Deadly Floods

A new Dutch facility, called Delta Flume, can generate waves up to 15 feet high.

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07 Oct 2015

10 Nations That May Go Extinct By 2115

It can often seem as though nations are permanent fixtures on the landscape, immovable, unchangeable,

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24 Sep 2015

How Climate-Smart Cities Could Save The World

Green buildings and better infrastructure would not only spur economic growth but also cut carbon

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17 Sep 2015

How A City In Chile Recovered From Devastation

Five years on from the 2010 earthquake, Gideon Long revisits the city flattened by a

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14 Sep 2015

Who Will Suffer Most From Climate Change? (Hint: Not You)

A few years ago Melinda and I visited with a group of rice farmers in

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07 Sep 2015

How Earth Will Evolve 10,000 Years From Now

Climate change means the end of our world, but the beginning of another—one with a

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04 Aug 2015

How The World Would Be Without Ice

Portland, Oregon, may not be a coastal city, but if all of the world’s ice

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20 Jul 2015

Why Divesting Fossil Fuels Should Begin With Government To Succeed

Oslo’s move to sell its stocks in coal companies sets a precedent – but the

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17 Jul 2015

Why We Are Losing Time In Saving The Oceans From Climate Change

Until recently, you might be forgiven for thinking that the oceans were a trivial component

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14 Jul 2015

Who And What Are The Root Cause Of Climate Change

As the world gears up for a crucial climate summit in Paris this December, a

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29 Jun 2015

Even The Pope Gets It – Carbon Markets Won’t Fix The Climate

Pope Francis’s encyclical on the environment has quickly made him one of the world’s most

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10 Jun 2015

The Proof Is In The Clouds

In a few weeks, you may get to see evidence the atmosphere is changing —

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08 Jun 2015

The 9 Limits Of Our Planet & How We’ve Raced Past 4 Of Them

Johan Rockström says humanity has already raced past four of the nine boundaries keeping our

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02 Jun 2015

How Your City Is Solving Global Warming

Cities may only occupy about 2% of the world’s habitable land, but they are big

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01 Jun 2015

World’s First Tidal Lagoon For Generating Clean Electricity

The Swansea project’s plan to reopen a quarry in Cornwall angers locals there – having

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28 May 2015

Big Data Could Help Cities On Climate Change

With last year’s U.S.-China Climate Accord came a new focus on municipal sustainability. Yes, power

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11 May 2015

CO2 On A New World Record High

  The monthly global average concentration of carbon dioxide just broke 400 parts per million

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29 Apr 2015

Easy To Praise Smaller Cities, Harder To Fix Large Ones

The mayors of Latin America’s biggest cities gathered in Buenos Aires for the C40 forum

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22 Apr 2015

Cooler Cities With Electric Vehicles

EVs are not only greener, they also could alleviate sweltering city summers. Conventional cars produce

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17 Apr 2015

7 Ways Architecture Can Tackle Global Warming

Architecture is one of the key drivers of climate change. Between construction and the energy

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20 Mar 2015

Zero Carbon Buildings At Zero Cost

When it comes to cutting carbon, current commercial building standards simply don’t go far enough.

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17 Mar 2015

The Best Technology For Fighting Climate Change? Trees

Between now and 2050, forests are one of our “most promising” geo-engineering tools. When people

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12 Mar 2015

A Top-down Approach To Flood Prevention

Gravity offers a simple and cheap way to attenuate stormwater flows – by storing water

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17 Feb 2015

World’s Cities Experiencing More Heatwaves

Number of extremely hot days a year has increased in hundreds of cities since the

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07 Feb 2015

How Prepared Are We For Climate Change?

Whether you live in San Francisco or Mongolia, climate change is going to impact your

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02 Feb 2015

The Deadly Rise Of Sea Levels

Climate change is making the oceans rise, creating more and more dangerous situations for our

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30 Jan 2015

Cities Are Key To Fighting Climate Change

Urban areas will be disproportionately impacted by rising sea levels and severe weather. Luckily, they’re

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