24 Jul 2019

A Review Of The Best Cloud Storage For Students

Cloud storage is no longer the future. It is now a part of our daily

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16 Jul 2019

Using Cloud Technologies And Online Platforms For Teaching Students

The educational field is constantly challenged and transformed due to the development of various services,

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25 Jul 2018

Video And Book Resources For Microsoft 70-473 Certification Exam

The Microsoft 70-473 certification exam is one of two Microsoft Azure tests that are required

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08 Dec 2017

Ambient AI Is About To Devour The Software Industry

Amazon has casually unveiled what could turn into a fundamentally different way to build software. At its AWS

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16 Jan 2017

The Future Of The Cloud And Data Centers Are Found In A Bakery

We live in a data-driven world. From social media to smart cities to the internet

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19 Sep 2016

America’s Tallest Skyscrapers: Keeping Cool & Saving Energy

This is the John Hancock Center, one of the iconic building in Chicago and one

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16 Jul 2015

2015 Survey Honors Most Innovative, Pioneering Digital Counties

In this year’s survey, the Center for Digital Government recognises 54 counties as adaptive IT

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18 Jun 2015

Why Cloud Computing Is Ugly, But Clouds Are Sublime

Hey, that cloud looks like a baobab tree! And that one over there looks like

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