05 Jul 2020

7 Tips For Storing Important Papers And Legal Documents

Whether it is your birth certificate or a document for court proceedings, vital records won’t

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22 Jun 2020

What Is A Virtual Deal Room And Why Do Businesses Need Them?

Virtual deal rooms are negotiating platforms that enable businesses to exchange files and information with

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05 Jun 2020

What You Need To Know About Business Data Analytics

If you’re the owner of a small business, you may be wondering what steps you

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24 Apr 2020

How Communications Can Power Smart Cities

Modern communication technologies have been around for two decades or more and while there have

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16 Apr 2020

How Does Per Capita Energy Consumption Vary Across The World?

According to Our World In Data, the average per capita consumption of the world has

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23 Mar 2020

Developing A Travel App: What Data Is Available?

If you are thinking of developing a travel app, you need to know what data

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16 Jan 2020

If Countries Were As Large As Their Populations, Here’s How The World Would Look Like

Maps are great instruments for navigation. However, they have little to say when it comes

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22 Nov 2019

Hungry For Data, Starving The World

There are 5.9 million Instagram posts tagged #EcoFriendly.​ There’s no doubt that people all over

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08 Oct 2019

Protecting Children’s Data Privacy In The Smart City

The devices that we use have unique identifiers. With cross-browser fingerprinting, the data we generate

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30 Sep 2019

The Benefits Of Big Data Storage

In today’s data-driven world, businesses often create more data than they could possibly store themselves. This data

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23 Sep 2019

How Data Is Powering Smart City Micromobility And Public Transport

The massive volumes of information brought upon by the digital age allow us to move

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20 Sep 2019

What Will Define The Smart Cities Of The Future

Over the last decade or so, smart devices have gradually started to become ubiquitous. From

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01 Aug 2019

Who Really Owns Our Data?

Recently, FaceApp, the Russian-based application known for its aging filters gained attention after it was

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25 Jul 2019

Digital Earth: The Paradigm Now Shaping Our World’s Data Cities

Today’s smart cities rely on networks: squillions of semiconductor devices that constantly pulse electromagnetic waves

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22 Jul 2019

Tech Companies Collect Our Data Every Day, But Even The Biggest Datasets Can’t Solve Social Issues

At almost every point in our day, we interact with digital technologies which collect our

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01 Jun 2019

How To Prevent Discriminatory Outcomes In Machine Learning

As machine learning (ML) systems continue to improve, its integration to systems making up the

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30 May 2019

Data Collaboration For The Common Good

Powering the tremendous reshaping of the different sectors of the society brought upon by the

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25 May 2019

Keeping Your Private Data Safe

It seems like this day and age there really isn’t anything private. There’s always some

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14 May 2019

There Are Dozens Of Ways To Rank Cities. Here’s What They All Get Wrong

Every year, the world’s most “liveable” cities are celebrated, in city rankings published by Mercer,

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30 Apr 2019

Key Tips To Protect Business Data: How To Clear Trash On Mac?

Deleting an important business file by mistake may seem awful. Fortunately, you can recover deleted

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26 Apr 2019

Predictability In Chaos: Common Statistical Patterns In Urban Terrorism

Whenever we think about terrorism, destruction and disarray comes to mind. Attacks are surprising and

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25 Apr 2019

The City On Your Selfies: How Instagram Helps Us Learn More About Urban Dynamics

For so long, social scientists have taken interest in the dynamics of cities, and rightfully

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24 Apr 2019

Redefining Agriculture With IoT-Based Monitoring

Internet of Things (IoT) is a network of objects which can directly exchange data with

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05 Apr 2019

The Most Valuable Tool For Ending Poverty? Data.

The data revolution is under way, and data has impacted how we buy, work, live—even

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22 Jan 2019

How Artificial Intelligence Is Already Changing Government

“We don’t have enough people to keep up.” “We have to go through miles of

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28 Dec 2018

The Startup Owner’s Guide To Online Security: The Extra Mile You Should Go

Cybersecurity is often seen as a problem for the “big boys”. Data breaches at companies

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07 Nov 2018

How To Protect Yourself When Making Payments Online

Are you planning to do your Christmas shopping online this year? More and more people

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05 Nov 2018

Safety Tips When It Comes To Electronics

Technology has gone beyond what anyone could have imagined. Tech gurus around the world are

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23 Aug 2018

How Cybercrime Operates Like A Legitimate Industry

Cybercrime is an underground economy worth millions and millions of dollars. It’s organized, works like

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04 Jun 2018

Here’s How Data Could Make Our Cities Safer

Across Europe, fast-growing cities and city regions are increasingly confronted with urban violence from extremists

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04 Jun 2018

The Tech That’s Changing How Cities Help The Homeless

Every day, a team of community health paramedics in Austin, Texas, fans out across the

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26 May 2018

Computer Systems For Your New Business

When you’re planning to start a business, your focus will be on the products or

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25 May 2018

What Is GDPR? Everything You Need To Know About The New General Data Protection Regulations

General Data Protection Regulation, or GDPR, is coming. Here’s what it means, how it’ll impact

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03 May 2018

How To Wrestle Your Data From Data Brokers, Silicon Valley — & Cambridge Analytica

Cambridge Analytica thinks that I’m a “Very Unlikely Republican.” Another political data firm, ALC Digital,

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30 Apr 2018

Population Pyramids : Powerful Predictors Of The Future

Why is Rwanda’s population skyrocketing, while Japan’s population is declining? Population statistics are like crystal

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23 Apr 2018

With Smart Cities, Your Every Step Will Be Recorded

Modern cities are brimming with objects that receive, collect and transmit data. This includes mobile phones

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17 Apr 2018

It’s Time To Regulate ‘Smart City’ Technology, Too

This isn’t just about Facebook: When Google is building cities and cars are turning into

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11 Apr 2018

Why The Business Model Of Social Media Giants Like Facebook Is Incompatible With Human Rights

Facebook has had a bad few weeks. The social media giant had to apologise for failing to

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12 Feb 2018

How To Make Smart Cities Human Again

Huge quantities of networked sensors have appeared in cities across the world in recent years.

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24 Dec 2017

A Machine-Learning Census Of America’s Cities

Millions of images of public streets offer a cheap, sweeping view of America’s demography. “WOULD

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11 Dec 2017

Using AI to Solve Complex Global Supply Chain Management Challenges

Companies are starting to apply artificial intelligence across global supply chain management to improve efficiency, speed and

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25 Aug 2016

Predicting Our Future As Internet Of Things Come Alive

Physical actions in the real world and data processing in the digital world are fusing

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26 Feb 2016

Open Data/Open Government – What Should Cities Really Focus On?

I have heard a lot of talk in the last few years about open government

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09 Sep 2015

California State Synergy To Use Open Data

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — Efforts to bring open data into, well, the open have touched off

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03 Sep 2015

A Tale Of Four World Cities Compared

These four cities – home to a total of more than 80 million people –

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25 Aug 2015

Which U.S. Cities’ Wireless Carrier Dominates On A State-By-State Basis

When it comes to the best overall wireless performance in the United States, Verizon reigns

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24 Aug 2015

How Data Analytics Help Cities Re-think People’s Health And Safety

In cities around the country, we’re seeing the beginning of fundamental change in how governments

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19 Aug 2015

How Philly 311 Platform Comes With An Innovative Twist

Earlier this year, the city of Philadelphia – one of the communities in the City

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29 Jul 2015

How Charlotte Takes Action For Their Smart City Initiative

There’s been much discussion lately about the potential of “smart cities” and connecting data to

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