28 Mar 2016

From West To East And Back For Architecture’s Leading Light

Will American cities learn to love China’s best homegrown architect? Ready or not, here he

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18 Mar 2016

How Resilience Grows From The Roots Of Urban Design

In this article, inspired by the movement of open spaces in cities across the world

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11 Mar 2016

At Last, Las Vegas’ Glitz Shines More With Solar & Foot Power

Cities consume a considerable amount of energy per year on lighting. And if that city

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10 Mar 2016

In Malaysia, The Future Of Cities Are Forests

Sasaki Associates recently unveiled some preliminary details regarding an ambitious mixed-use development in Malaysia, that’s

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07 Mar 2016

Discover How The Future Of Urban Farms Produces More Than Food

Most urban centers have a bad rap for pollution and energy consumption, but the cities

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03 Mar 2016

10 Cities That Are Shaping The Future Of Urban Living

Cities are frequently at the front line of innovation when it comes to addressing the

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10 Feb 2016

The Future Of London’s Garden Bridge Project Going Dry?

Jane Duncan calls for review of procurement process amid claims Thomas Heatherwick design was chosen

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06 Feb 2016

The Best Way To Map Cities We People Can Truly Understand

A roundup of the best stories on cities and urbanism we’ve come across in the

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05 Feb 2016

A Vision Of Transforming Industrial Bareness To Eco-Villages

A landscape architect proposes exurban shipping districts you’d actually want to visit (or live in).

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29 Jan 2016

Why Your Dutch Holiday May Just Become More Than About Mills & Tulips

The new Waterline Museum near Utrecht reveals another side to the Netherlands’ mastery of waterways

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26 Jan 2016

Beautiful Cities With Gardens Or Lovely Gardens With Cities

The government is investing more than £300m in building what George Osborne has described as

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20 Jan 2016

No Surprise! World Building Of The Year 2015 In Singapore

A vertical village in Singapore has been name the World Building of the Year 2015

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15 Jan 2016

To Get Less Drunken Violence, Design Better Cities

Tragically, another young life has been lost in an alleged one-punch assault, this time in

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13 Jan 2016

Discover The Next Design Capital Of Asia

In a worldwide economy that’s increasingly idea-driven, design has found its place as an important

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13 Jan 2016

BIG’s Cool, Green, Mountainous Apartments Set In National Park

Designing a building to be sympathetic to its surroundings can be tricky, especially when the

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25 Nov 2015

Zimbabwean Women Weave Their Own Beautiful Future

Seventy-seven-year-old Grace Ngwenya has an eye for detail. You will never catch her squinting as

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21 Nov 2015

The Most Beautiful Schools Of The World

They are buildings in which to teach and learn – but they can be magnificent

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18 Nov 2015

How Street Art Sold Out & Gentrified Our Cities

Street art – as well as its artistic forebear graffiti – are often thought of

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10 Nov 2015

Vilnius, Lithuania : An Insider’s Guide

From investigative journalism to post-punk anthems, tattoo start-ups to pulled pork, Vilnius isn’t just tower

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05 Nov 2015

Sublime Photography With iPhone And Herman’s Brilliance

For decades, Robert Herman shot street photography mainly in New York and primarily on Kodachrome

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21 Oct 2015

What A City Would Look Like If It Were Designed For Only Bikes (No Cars Allowed!)

Coasting down from your apartment on your personal bike ramp will be so fun. The

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19 Oct 2015

Why Lego Is For Both Fun Play And Serious Work

MIT wants to make transportation planning more transparent—and a bit more fun. MIT researchers unveiled

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11 Sep 2015

The Museum That Majestically Sits Atop A Mountain

The recently inaugurated MMM Corones is a new museum about mountain culture that majestically sits

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10 Sep 2015

11 Radical Muralists Transforming Cities Around The World

  1. Dissection of a Whale by Nychos (New York, New York) Born to a

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07 Sep 2015

The Strange And Beautiful World Of Soviet Bus Stops In Pictures

Behind the iron curtain, the roadside was where architects could really let rip … photographer

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03 Sep 2015

15 Unique Experiences Washington D.C. Offers

Everyone knows we have a magnificent display of cherry blossoms that lasts as long as

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31 Aug 2015

Train Buffs Will Love This Atlas of Railway Photography

The map, created by a self-professed rail geek, plots geotagged train-related Flickr images. Nick Benson

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26 Aug 2015

Stay Cool Or Warm With The Best Hotel Pools In The World

In case you hadn’t noticed, hotel pools have moved up a notch from the kinds

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25 Aug 2015

5 Things That Make Norfolk, Virginia A Hidden Gem

Your Uber driver’s demeanor can tell you a lot about a city. If he’s a

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24 Aug 2015

The Top 10 Cities Of The Future

If you think about it, human settlements tend to have their own gravitational pull. Like

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19 Aug 2015

8 Inspiring Ascensions Through Nature

Generally speaking, when humans go mucking about in nature, installing fences, signs, and observation towers

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18 Aug 2015

Why San Francisco Will Make You Crave Veggies

Can “resetting” corner stores change the way people eat? What happens when there is food

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29 Jul 2015

Why Innovation Doesn’t Have To Be Hi-Tech

When you think of innovation in the built environment, what comes to mind? Perhaps you

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28 Jul 2015

Why Are We Not Making The Most Of Buildings In Cities?

Urban residents around the world have different daily routines, but they share something in common

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23 Jul 2015

Spin Yourself Dizzy With The Great Spiral Stairs Of The World

Recently the Loretto Chapel was entered into the Atlas. The Santa Fe chapel is known

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22 Jul 2015

7 Amazing Ancient And Natural Wonders Redux Through Lego

Ancient, natural and modern wonders from around the world have been painstakingly built from Lego

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13 Jul 2015

Are We Building Skyscrapers Upside Down?

In a traditional skyscraper, the widest part of the building is at its base, and

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08 Jul 2015

The 25 Must-See Libraries In The World

“True, knowledge is power. But we forget, knowledge is also beautiful in the abstract and

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07 Jul 2015

Enjoy The Fun Of Wild Swimming In The City

With David Walliams leading the way and plans for a floating lido on the Thames,

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07 Jul 2015

How Unpopular Buildings Came Back In Fashion

Post-war concrete architecture was decried by many as ugly – but now Brutalist buildings are

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03 Jul 2015

DIY Guide : How To Build A City From Scratch

From Songdo, South Korea to Lavasa, India via Egypt’s unnamed new capital, everywhere you look

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01 Jul 2015

New Visions Of The City Through The Arts

David Banks was one of two winners of our Active by Design IdeasTap competition with

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30 Jun 2015

8 Amazing Artificial Arbors Across The World

For years, humans have been making weird trees out of bottles, stoplights, padlocks, and all

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22 Jun 2015

How The Right Signs Point To The Right Way To Success

Street signs, airport signs, signs in shopping malls and railway stations: they’re all around us,

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13 Jun 2015

How Public Feedback Transformed Auckland’s Bus Shelters

Auckland bus shelters are set for a new design following public feedback. During July and

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11 Jun 2015

New Design Makes Its Way To Antarctic Research

The Halley VI Antarctic Research Station, the first fully-relocatable research station, was designed by Hugh

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10 Jun 2015

World Class Sustainable And Unique Building Designs

The 12 world class sustainable building designs are featured in a new infographic created by

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09 Jun 2015

Designing Google’s HQ Like Designing Software

Designed by Thomas Heatherwick and Bjarke Ingels, the company’s new California headquarters are glass domes

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08 Jun 2015

How 3D Colorful Pathways Transform Tokyo Transit

At the personal level, your daily commute might seem tedious, even mind-numbing. But on a

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05 Jun 2015

How Boomers Will Shape The Future Of Our Cities

The principal of CannonDesign predicts that his generation will be active participants in making our

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