29 May 2019

Cities Are Growing Insanely Fast: How Can We  Prepare

The world is going urban. More than half (55 per cent) of the global population

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18 Apr 2018

Robot Cities: Three Urban Prototypes For Future Living

Before I started working on real-world robots, I wrote about their fictional and historical ancestors.

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16 Feb 2018

Not The End Of The World: The Return Of Dubai’s Ultimate Folly

Underwater bedrooms, ‘Lohan Island’ and snow all year round – a decade after it was

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27 Oct 2017

These Are The Cities Where Visitors Spend The Most Cash

Maybe it’s the fact that there are vending machines that dispense solid gold. But Dubai

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12 Apr 2017

The World’s Greenest City Out Of Dreams, Oil, Pearls, And Sand.

A decade ago Dubai had one of the largest ecological footprints of any city in

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13 Sep 2016

High Tech Forest? In A Hotel? Only In Dubai.

Dubai is to embark on another ambitious project — this time building a 7,000 square

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19 Aug 2016

Dubai Making An American Hyperloop Dream, A Reality

Dubai is hosting an international event on September inviting engineers and scientists from across the

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04 May 2016

How A City’s Identity Is Shaped By Its Fonts

Most city dwellers speed-walk along crowded streets each day, barely taking notice of the typography

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26 May 2015

What Is The Most Private City In The World?

The proliferation of high-security, privatised plazas is making parts of world cities such as London

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10 Apr 2015

Stunning Cities In Hyperlapse

Witness the urban life of five stunning metropolises through the lens of Rob Whitworth with these hyperlapse videos. From the unexplored

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27 Mar 2015

World’s Best Connected Cities : Where To Move

The internet has brought us all closer together – we can trade online and chat

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02 Feb 2015

The World’s Most Visited Cities

The same attractions that prompt people to love visiting a city – top-ranked restaurants, vibrant

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