10 Jan 2020

The Global Gender Gap Report 2020

Our world is on its way to building fairer and more inclusive economies. One aspect

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05 Jul 2019

On The Move: What You And The City Can Do To Close The Gender Gap In Urban Mobility

The way we design our cities are far from being gender-neutral. In their paper, Laeticia

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08 Mar 2019

International Women’s Day: Women have been written out of power – time is ripe for a new language of equality

As we mark International Women’s Day after a year of renewed media attention to issues

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12 Oct 2018

Why More Women Don’t Win Science Nobels

One of the 2018 Nobel Prizes in physics went to Donna Strickland, a major accomplishment

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08 May 2018

The Tech Bias : Why Silicon Valley Needs Social Theory

In the summer of 2017, a now infamous memo came to light. Written by James Damore, then

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23 Feb 2018

Can Education Become Truly Egalitarian Worldwide?

The recent Dakar (Senegal) international summit on education concluded on February 3 with the hope to

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08 Mar 2016

To End Poverty, We Need To Know What We Don’t Know About Women & Girls

Women make up almost half the world’s labor force and perform most of its unpaid

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18 Nov 2015

Wanted: More Women Running Our Local Government

The numbers have improved, but they need to be a lot better. It’s about organizational

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07 Mar 2015

How To Design A City For Women

In 1999, officials in Vienna, Austria, asked residents of the city’s ninth district how often

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05 Mar 2015

If Women Built Cities, What Would Our Urban Landscape Look Like?

The number of women in UK architecture firms is falling, and many urbanists are worried

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