14 May 2019

There Are Dozens Of Ways To Rank Cities. Here’s What They All Get Wrong

Every year, the world’s most “liveable” cities are celebrated, in city rankings published by Mercer,

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26 Mar 2018

Why All Big Cities Need For Democratic And Metro-Scale Governance

Infrastructure Australia has called for metropolitan-scale governance of Australia’s largest cities. The new report by the Commonwealth’s

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09 Feb 2018

How To Manage AI’s Risks & Rewards

Technological advances in artificial intelligence (AI) promise to be pervasive, with impacts and ramifications in

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09 Jan 2018

What It’s Like To Live In A Well-Governed Country

What makes a country well-run? Whether minimising corruption or spearheading educational and medical initiatives, governments

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23 Dec 2017

Autonomy Enables Adaptive Built Environment

Designers’ novel thinking about data, tools and methods is advancing to a point where it’s possible

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14 Sep 2017

Planning Cities For Migration

Migration is a natural human phenomenon, but not one that organisations in the built environment

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16 Mar 2016

Why A University Is A Reflection Of Its Cities And Vice Versa

Cities could increasingly take the lead on solving societal problems. Ed Glaeser, an economist at

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04 Dec 2015

How A Truly Connected City Can Accomplish Much

Nashville’s former mayor led his city as a single, networked entity. His approach is paying

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19 May 2015

What’s The Best Way To Plan A City?

A lot of municipalities want to plan for more sustainable urban growth and are applying

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09 May 2015

Neighbourhood-Scale Development Benefits

By taking advantage of increased efficiencies, developing on a precinct or neighbourhood scale creates smarter

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