15 May 2020

How Are Governments Responding To The Coronavirus Pandemic?

Governments around the world resort to variations of response measures and policies to end COVID-19.

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27 Feb 2020

Does Democracy Lead To Better Health?

A released report from V-Dem reveals a rather interesting insight on the global state of

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17 Oct 2019

Sweden Ranked As The Most Reputable Country In The World For 2019

When it comes to a country’s reputation, bigger definitely isn’t better. With a combined population

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03 Oct 2019

Pathological Power: The Danger Of Governments Led By Narcissists And Psychopaths

After spending his early life suffering under the Nazis and then Stalin, the Polish psychologist

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20 Sep 2019

Combatting Climate Change Doesn’t Mean Abandoning Growth – But It Does Require Tough Choices

With the right combination of policies, we can increase living standards and mitigate global warming

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01 Aug 2019

Protest Is Not Enough To Topple A Dictator: The Army Must Also Turn

What does it take to overthrow a dictator? Reflecting on this question in exile, Leon

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25 Jun 2019

Who Really Pays For American Students To Go To College?

Individually, Americans spend a lot on higher education. Most undergraduates finish with about $30,000 in

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08 Jun 2019

Five Reasons Why We Should Be Grateful To Donald Trump

People who are basically good sometimes cannot help doing evil. Conversely, an evil man cannot

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29 Apr 2019

How Cities Became The New Laboratories Of Democracy

The ascent of cities is real, though things may not be as rosy as some

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09 Apr 2019

Power And Powerlessness In Global Cities

How does today’s globalization transform our perceptions of urban inequality and how do we respond

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19 Mar 2019

A Constitution Should Help A Country Govern, Not Hobble It

The United States and India, two of the world’s largest and oldest democracies, are both

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22 Jan 2019

How Artificial Intelligence Is Already Changing Government

“We don’t have enough people to keep up.” “We have to go through miles of

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11 Dec 2018

When The State Is Unjust, Citizens May Use Justifiable Violence

If you see police choking someone to death – such as Eric Garner, the 43-year-old

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04 Sep 2018

Who Belongs In A City?

Underneath every shiny new megacity, there’s often a story of communities displaced. In this moving,

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20 Aug 2018

The Solution To Poverty Is Opportunity, Not Charity

Treating symptoms is not enough. When we fall ill, our bodies give us symptoms to signal

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14 Aug 2018

Why Politics Needs Hope (But No Longer Inspires It)

In the late 2000s and early 2010s, the word ‘hope’ was ubiquitous in Western politics.

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24 Apr 2018

More Than Just Sanctuary, Migrants Need Social Citizenship

In 1975, the English author John Berger wrote about the political implications of immigration, at

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26 Feb 2018

These Savvy Cities Are Using Tech To Spark Citizen Engagement

In the spring of 2017, the doors to a new type of community center swung

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25 Jan 2018

The Top 10 Kingmakers Who Shaped The Course Of History

The term “kingmaker” is used to describe a person of power and influence who plays

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09 Jan 2018

What It’s Like To Live In A Well-Governed Country

What makes a country well-run? Whether minimising corruption or spearheading educational and medical initiatives, governments

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08 Jul 2017

Leading Mayors In America Weigh In On Our Future

Analyzing the “State of the City” speeches from urban leaders across the country gives a

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22 Feb 2017

A Smart City Is, Because Its People Are.

By 2030, 60 percent of the world’s population is expected to live in mega-cities. How

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29 Apr 2016

A History Map Of The Rise & Fall Of U.S. Slavery

The historian and cartographer Bill Rankin visualizes the practice with a fresh approach. Although it

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26 Feb 2016

Open Data/Open Government – What Should Cities Really Focus On?

I have heard a lot of talk in the last few years about open government

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25 Jan 2016

The Top 10 Reasons USA Is Becoming A Big Brother Society

In 1949, Eric Blair, known by the pen name of George Orwell, published 1984; a novel

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13 Jan 2016

Discover The Next Design Capital Of Asia

In a worldwide economy that’s increasingly idea-driven, design has found its place as an important

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18 Nov 2015

Wanted: More Women Running Our Local Government

The numbers have improved, but they need to be a lot better. It’s about organizational

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18 Nov 2015

An Insightful Measure Of Progress & Equity In Cities

The unemployment rate for African American men and women in the U.S. is roughly double

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13 Nov 2015

Strategies For Success With Government Mobile Apps

One of the most important things to consider when developing your mobile strategy is that

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07 Oct 2015

10 Nations That May Go Extinct By 2115

It can often seem as though nations are permanent fixtures on the landscape, immovable, unchangeable,

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17 Sep 2015

Celebrate Constitution Day With USC

Congress designates Sept. 17 as a day to recognize the value and history of the

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10 Sep 2015

Hey Siri, How Will Apple’s Big Announcements Affect Government?

Read on to see what Apple Watch OS 2, Apple TV, the iPad Pro, the

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24 Aug 2015

How Data Analytics Help Cities Re-think People’s Health And Safety

In cities around the country, we’re seeing the beginning of fundamental change in how governments

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21 Aug 2015

The Top 10 Richest Cities With Serious Poverty Issues

The ten cities listed here are some of the richest and most cultured cities in

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19 Aug 2015

How Philly 311 Platform Comes With An Innovative Twist

Earlier this year, the city of Philadelphia – one of the communities in the City

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29 Jul 2015

How Leaders Led The Example On Sustainable Urban Mobility

It takes a combination of citizen support and top-down vision to create meaningful change in

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21 Jul 2015

Why eGovernment Has Such A Long Way To Go

The video accompanying this story was produced for NIC in support of its Innovation Nation

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17 Jul 2015

How Governments Get Better With Citizen Engagement Platforms

Every year, more consumer technologies find their way into government agencies where they can help

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14 Jul 2015

Simon Anholt : Which Country Does The Most Good For The World?

“It’s an unexpected side effect of globalization: problems that once would have stayed local—say, a

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16 Jun 2015

Three Ways To Transform Age-Old Town Hall Meetings

The common refrain from many citizens, from large metropolises to small rural farming communities, is

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03 Jun 2015

Barcelona’s Quest To Become The Smartest City Of Them All

  Barcelona has been named the Smartest City in the world for 2015, according to

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09 May 2015

Fast-Track Regeneration In Cities

London’s winning bid for the Olympic Games focussed as much on regeneration as on sporting

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29 Apr 2015

Ten Things For The Perfect City

A hipster economy and celebrities misbehaving in public are also essential for the ideal city.

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10 Mar 2015

What Government Can Learn From The Culture Of Apple

It’s not about simply delivering services more efficiently. It’s about passion, surprise and invisible opportunities.

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18 Feb 2015

DataViva, An MIT Media Lab Tool For Visualising Government Data

DataViva, a project developed in part by Media Lab professor César Hidalgo, aims to make

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