17 Jan 2020

In 2026, Hackers Taking Over Self-Driving Cars Can Gridlock Cities

By taking over even a small proportion of driverless cars, hackers can paralyze city operations,

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08 May 2019

Artificial Intelligence For A Smarter Kind Of Cyber Security

As IBM Security vice president of strategy and design Kevin Skapinetz stated, cybercrime has evolved

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10 Jan 2019

Five Emerging Cyber-Threats To Worry About In 2019

Last year was full of cybersecurity disasters, from the revelation of security flaws in billions of

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24 Aug 2018

Homeland Security Establishes New Central Hub To Fight Cybercrime

The Department of Homeland Security is stepping up the fight against cybercrime by establishing a new

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04 Jun 2015

A Vulnerable City Is Not A Smart City

“Real world hacker” Cesar Cerrudo has blasted vendors, saying they’re stopping security researchers from testing

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26 May 2015

Forget The Internet Of Things – We Need An Internet Of People

The internet of things is a vision of ubiquitous connectivity, driven by one basic idea:

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28 Feb 2015

Smart Or Stupid: Will Our Cities Of The Future Be Easier To Hack?

As more and more machines are entrusted with managing city infrastructure systems, the prospect of

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