02 Oct 2019

5 US Cities With The Most Homeless People

While the United States enjoy one of the strongest economies in the world, the benefits

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14 Mar 2019

Small Housing Solutions For Large City Populations

The UN predicts that 68% of the world population will reside in urban areas by 2050, but

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19 Sep 2018

How To Help Homeless People – Without Feeding A Habit

A new scheme called Greater Change lets homeless people crowdfund for concrete goals using a

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04 Jun 2018

The Tech That’s Changing How Cities Help The Homeless

Every day, a team of community health paramedics in Austin, Texas, fans out across the

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21 Apr 2018

Religious Faith Can Help People To Build Better Cities – Here’s How

Religious faith is deeply ingrained in the way cities look and function. In the past,

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03 Apr 2018

What Will New Zealand’s New Government Bring For Towns And Cities?

Almost 90% of New Zealand’s population is urbanised. Getting policy right for towns and cities

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20 Nov 2015

Why We Have Homeless State Of Emergency In Lands Of Prosperity

Three cities, one county and a state have suspended laws that hamper their ability to

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16 Sep 2015

Why Seattle Cleared Up Three Tent Cities For Homeless

In an effort to control a growing homeless population that has become increasingly disruptive for

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02 Sep 2015

Cruelty Makes Cities Ugly

“Cruelty Makes Cities Uglier Than Problems They Try To Solve” The spikes installed outside Selfridges

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