28 Jun 2019

Knowing What Leads To Building Collapses Can Help Make African Cities Safer

It’s a sadly familiar image in several developing countries’ media reports: people frantically searching the

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29 May 2019

Cities Are Growing Insanely Fast: How Can We  Prepare

The world is going urban. More than half (55 per cent) of the global population

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18 Feb 2019

The Challenges Of Degrowth In Cities

This article is drawn from the most recent edition of the Veolia Institute’s “Facts Reports”

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15 Feb 2019

Bike-Friendly Cities Should Be Designed For Everyone, Not Just For Wealthy White Cyclists

Designing for bikes has become a hallmark of forward-looking modern cities worldwide. Bike-friendly city ratings

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23 Jul 2018

The Fungus That Could Patch Up Cracking Buildings

What if concrete could heal itself from the inside out? AS CONCRETE BUILDINGS AGE, THEY

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18 Jul 2018

These Are The World’s Most Future-Proof Cities

As technology changes the way people live and work, cities are undergoing an unprecedented transformation.

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11 Jul 2018

How Would Engineers Build The Golden Gate Bridge Today?

Ever since the Golden Gate Bridge opened to traffic on May 27, 1937, it’s been

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06 Jul 2018

New Tech Only Benefits The Elite Until The People Demand More

The United States faces an infrastructure crisis. Report after report warns that the nation’s networks are old,

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20 Feb 2018

Singapore : New Ideas To Feed A Growing Island

With a goal to reach a total land size of 76,600ha by 2030, compared with

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16 Feb 2018

Not The End Of The World: The Return Of Dubai’s Ultimate Folly

Underwater bedrooms, ‘Lohan Island’ and snow all year round – a decade after it was

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30 Nov 2017

The Futuristic Structure Of Running Rings Ferris Wheel

The Bailang River Bridge Ferris Wheel certainly runs rings around its more common cousins seen

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28 Nov 2017

How The ‘Queen Of The Curve’ Redefined Our Cities Around The World

From Beirut to Beijing, Zaha Hadid’s distinctive buildings have transformed skylines around the world. Nicknamed

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08 Nov 2017

Owning A Car Will Soon Be A Thing Of The Past

The idea that we will surrender our prized motors can look far-fetched. But as cities

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20 Oct 2017

China’s Green Planning And Greater Influence In Infrastructure

The United States is retreating from the global community under a president who rejected the Paris

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25 Aug 2017

Why Suburban Tensions & Inequality Will Drive Infrastructure Innovation

The global trend towards suburbanisation and suburbanisms (meaning suburban ways of life) has an important infrastructure dimension. In

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20 Jul 2017

What 5,000 Americans Think About Urban Design

Park benches, well-maintained lots, planters full of bright flowers, lamp posts — these are public

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12 Jul 2017

An Ancient Hydraulic System, Envy Of Modern Ones?

The Shushtar Hydraulic System in the island city of Shushtar is a complex irrigation system

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08 Jul 2017

Leading Mayors In America Weigh In On Our Future

Analyzing the “State of the City” speeches from urban leaders across the country gives a

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16 Jun 2017

The Top Winners And Losers Among The World’s Cities

Western European cities dominate the top of our 2017 Quality of Living rankings, with Vienna

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15 Jun 2017

Flat White Urbanism: There Must Be Better Ways To Foster A Vibrant Street Life

Iconic architectural pieces may attract large numbers of tourists but are not the only things

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11 May 2017

Singapore Island’s Smallness Drives The Bigness Of Its Ambitions

Jurong Island, a man-made smear of sand, lies just off the southern coast of Singapore.

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09 May 2017

We Are Finally Realising Smart In Cities Is Not Just About Tech

Australia, one of the world’s most urbanised nations, is looking to up its investment in

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22 Mar 2017

The Deepest Metro Stations In The World

The average metro train doesn’t go beyond a few stories underground. But sometimes the geology

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20 Mar 2017

Can a Bike Bridge Make Miami Safer for Cyclists?

Advocates hope this long elevated pathway is just the first step toward changing the city’s

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15 Mar 2017

Why Car-Free Cities Aren’t Right Around the Corner

Cities are trying to curb people’s driving habits, but most Americans aren’t ready to give

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13 Mar 2017

Are You Aware Of The Low-Cost Solution to Traffic?

Instead of building expensive roads, we should be building housing that limits how far people

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08 Dec 2016

6 Ways Cities Can Prepare For The Future Of Work

From benefits that don’t come from your job to a basic income, cities need to

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12 Oct 2016

The Value Of Airports As Economic Regions

Airports have a lot of untapped economic potential due to their proximity and connectivity to

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19 Aug 2016

Your Next Taxi Ride Could Be A Joy Ride In The Sky

Skytran recently launched it’s pilot project in Tel Aviv last year. The company’s ‘sky taxis’

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13 Jun 2016

When The Trip To The Airport Is A Journey In Itself

A city always begins with one airport, usually located outside the city limits to allow

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26 May 2016

Miami’s Simple & Visual Code For Zoning Chaos Into Order

After a population explosion and building binge led to haphazard and random growth, Miami became

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25 May 2016

Top 20 Cities In The World For Cycling Lifestyle

THE BICYCLE MAKES sense in cities. With rising urbanization, our cities need modern mobility solutions,

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24 May 2016

Granite: America’s Raw Ingredient For Rail, Industry, & Monuments

When architect Solomon Willard arrived in Quincy, Massachusetts, in 1825, and discovered a granite ledge

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19 May 2016

Top 10 Cities In The US If Public Transport Is Your Thing

According to the Texas A&M Transportation Institute, the average auto commuter in the United States

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18 May 2016

In The City That Never Sleeps, You May Soon Also Walk On Water

This bridge would restore a link between Brooklyn and Governors Island. New York hasn’t built

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16 May 2016

The World’s Longest Rail Tunnel Beneath Swiss Behemoth

It will ultimately become part of a faster network streamlining rail travel across Europe. They

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16 May 2016

A Fun & Vibrant City Simply Has More Festivals

Last year the Institute of Museum and Library Services offered a catchy statistic: the United

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13 May 2016

Journey Through 10 Amazing Underrated Scenic Drives

A great driving route doesn’t always have to mean an epic road trip. Get behind

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13 May 2016

Amazing Discovery Of A Well-Preserved 2,000-Year-Old Wooden Road

Long ago, a large part of north-western Europe, particularly Ireland and Great Britain, were covered

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11 May 2016

Bike Sharing Needs This Little Secret To Succeed

Seattle’s struggle to attract riders reveals what makes a bike-share program thrive — or in

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21 Apr 2016

How Portland Is Paving Ways For The Safest Cyclist Intersections

Researchers at Portland State hope to be the first to develop standard guidelines for protected

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20 Apr 2016

The Ancient Bridge That Claps In Somerset

In the lonely moors of Devon and in other upland areas of the United Kingdom,

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18 Apr 2016

To Pave Or Not To Pave, That Is The Question Edinburgh

Edinburgh is setting aside £1 million ($1.4 million U.S.) to repair worn-down cobblestone streets, reports

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08 Apr 2016

“The World’s Longest Bridge” Is Now In The USA, Not “Just” Asia

If you look at the list of the longest bridges in the world, you will

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31 Mar 2016

A Winning Skyscraper Design, Done Upside Down

Imagine standing on the edge of New York’s Central Park and looking down into a

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23 Mar 2016

How Roads, Walksheds, & Watersheds Unite In Portland

One street size does not fit all neighborhoods, because carrying traffic is not the sole

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21 Mar 2016

Hopefully, New Urban Highways Learn From Mistakes Of The Past

As plans advance for the Interstate 49 Connector, Lafayette, Louisiana, might soon find out. Lafayette,

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18 Mar 2016

How Sandtown, Baltimore Reinvents Itself With Community Planning

Across the United States thousands of once thriving working class neighborhoods are boarded up, but

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15 Mar 2016

Why America May Wrongly Hate Those Roundabouts

Maps and data visualizations show the U.S. trailing much of the world when it comes

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14 Mar 2016

Vertical Urban Farms Finds Cute Endorser In Snoopy, Finally

A Montreal-based architecture firm has Snoopy make the case for turning New York’s MetLife Building

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