29 Feb 2020

To Help Solve Global Problems, Look To Developing Countries

Global issues are growing in complexity. With this, we need as much brainpower as we

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12 Feb 2020

The Most Innovative Economies In The World

Singapore is the third most innovative economy in the world for the year 2020, according

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08 Feb 2020

Will Thirst For Innovation Drive Humankind To Extinction?

Humans are constantly innovating.  So far, most of these creations have positively impacted society. Has

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20 Sep 2019

What Will Define The Smart Cities Of The Future

Over the last decade or so, smart devices have gradually started to become ubiquitous. From

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23 Aug 2019

These Are The World’s Most Innovative Countries 2019

When it comes to innovation, which country reigns supreme? It’s time to find out. This

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27 Jul 2019

Diversity: The Same Old Faces Are Deciding The World’s Future And It Affects Us All

Just 160,000 Tory party members chose Britain’s new prime minister, Boris Johnson. It’s the first

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04 Jul 2019

How To Stay Ahead In The Business World

In today’s modern society, businesses are constantly evolving due to advancements in technology. It is

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22 Nov 2018

These Are The 8 Major Forces Shaping The Future Of The Global Economy

The world is changing faster than ever before. With billions of people hyper-connected to each

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19 Sep 2018

Why Cities Rule The World

Cities are the 21st century’s dominant form of civilization — and they’re where humanity’s struggle for survival

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20 Apr 2018

The Rise Of The Rest (Of The World)

American cities still have the edge when it comes to high-tech startups and venture capital,

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13 Feb 2018

These Are The World’s Most Innovative Cities

Innovation is seen as a key ingredient for successful cities in the 21st century economy,

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19 Jan 2018

In A Time Of Robots, Educators Must Invest In Emotional Labour

Technology critics and defenders alike argue that human jobs are being eliminated by workplace automation, minimizing the need for

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15 Nov 2017

Does Regulating AI Save Humanity Or Just Stifle Innovation?

Some people are afraid that heavily armed artificially intelligent robots might take over the world, enslaving

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25 Aug 2017

Why Suburban Tensions & Inequality Will Drive Infrastructure Innovation

The global trend towards suburbanisation and suburbanisms (meaning suburban ways of life) has an important infrastructure dimension. In

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09 May 2017

Where Your Product Failures Become Art For The Ages

Every successful product launch is usually preceded by a string of failures, but we only

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04 Apr 2017

The State Of Smart Cities, Today

The term “smart city” has been around for a few years now and is a

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03 Mar 2017

To Be Smart About Cities, Have The Future In Mind

Smart cities create a symbiosis between information, the Internet of Things and technologies to make

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07 Sep 2016

China’s Elevated Bus: Future Concepts Of The Past Made Into Reality Today

Traffic — one of the major consequences of living in the big city. It’s the

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01 Sep 2016

World’s Largest Air Purifier vs China’s Smog

Looking at most products being sold in the market today, chances are, you will read

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03 Jun 2016

It Is Obvious To Begin With, Cities Are First & Foremost For People

The federal government’s recently released Smart Cities Plan is built on three pillars: smart investment,

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16 May 2016

Getting Lost (Safely) Is Part Of The Fun & Smarts Of ‘Smart’ Cities

The internet has reached our cities. A smart city is optimised for efficiency, productivity and

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16 Feb 2016

The Top 10 Smart Cities Consideration For A Prosperous India

The government last month revealed names of the first 20 smart cities that will get

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08 Jan 2016

Finally! Clever Building Technologies Can Clean Pollution In Cities

A seven metre tall tower designed by Daan Roosegaarde filters dirty air, releasing bubbles of

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04 Nov 2015

From Transportation To Transformation : New Hope For The Homeless

Homelessness is a serious and deep-rooted issue that affects nearly every country on Earth. It’s

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06 Oct 2015

5 Current Retail Trends Leading The Way

The 18th annual Global Powers of Retailing identifies the 250 largest retailers around the world

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31 Aug 2015

Bike City Copenhagen : This Is The Ultimate Bicycle Friendly City

Welcome to Copenhagen, although if you’re a fan of two-wheeled transportation, you’ll probably come to

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25 Aug 2015

Why City Government Innovations Is Simply Good Business

Other agencies want to buy Longboat Key, Fl.’s award-winning fire application, but can the city

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24 Aug 2015

How Data Analytics Help Cities Re-think People’s Health And Safety

In cities around the country, we’re seeing the beginning of fundamental change in how governments

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29 Jul 2015

Why Innovation Doesn’t Have To Be Hi-Tech

When you think of innovation in the built environment, what comes to mind? Perhaps you

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23 Jul 2015

How Successful, Leading Cities Solve Problems Globally

“How do some of the most successful, leading cities in the world solve their problems?

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21 Jul 2015

Why eGovernment Has Such A Long Way To Go

The video accompanying this story was produced for NIC in support of its Innovation Nation

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18 Jul 2015

How Ford Innovation Center Tackles Transportation Tech

As cities grow more congested, Ford wants to be there for customers whether they buy,

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23 Jun 2015

Why Cities Can Learn From Another Even When They Differ

No two cities are alike. Though they might share the same geography or even the

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15 Jun 2015

How Tech Hub Cities Serve The Public Good

The cities with the strongest markets for civic innovation are also the cities where entrepreneurs

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08 Jun 2015

How Digital Liberated Innovation From Large Cities

Big cities are considered great engines of new ideas for good reason. Lots of smart

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04 May 2015

The Silent Rise Of The Smart City

  As Google hits the headlines for changes to its privacy rules across Europe, it

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06 Mar 2015

Evolving Cities And Culture

Innovation is critical to economic growth, progress, and the fate of the planet. Although innovation

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