23 Sep 2019

How Data Is Powering Smart City Micromobility And Public Transport

The massive volumes of information brought upon by the digital age allow us to move

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19 Aug 2019

Surprise! Digital Space Isn’t Replacing Public Space, And Might Even Help Make It Better

You’re on the train on your daily commute, head bowed, peering at your phone. A

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30 May 2019

Industrial Internet of Things: Safety And Security Protocol

Internet of Things (IoT) reshaped society and ignited the Fourth Industrial Revolution.  With more consumers

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24 May 2019

Smart Cities Aim To Make Urban Life More Efficient – But For Citizens’ Sake They Need To Slow Down

All over the world, governments, institutions and businesses are combining technologies for gathering data, enhancing

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23 Apr 2018

With Smart Cities, Your Every Step Will Be Recorded

Modern cities are brimming with objects that receive, collect and transmit data. This includes mobile phones

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17 Apr 2018

It’s Time To Regulate ‘Smart City’ Technology, Too

This isn’t just about Facebook: When Google is building cities and cars are turning into

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21 Dec 2017

The Future Of AI Revenue : Top 10 Use Cases For AI In The Next Decade

Artificial intelligence already impacts many aspects of our daily lives at work, at home, and

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03 Oct 2017

How 70% Of Fortune 100 Companies Use The IoT

Seven out of ten Fortune 100 Companies offer IoT products, services, or initiatives. Although the

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22 Aug 2017

In A Truly Smart City, Even The Daily Commute Is Productive

The alarm on your smart phone went off 10 minutes earlier than usual this morning.

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16 Feb 2017

How Big Data Is Adding A Whole New Dimension To Public Spaces

Most of us encounter public spaces in our daily lives: whether it’s physical space (a

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14 Oct 2016

How Internet of Things Can Make a City Smarter?

IoT (Internet of Things) has become the talk of the technological world, but have you

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25 Aug 2016

Predicting Our Future As Internet Of Things Come Alive

Physical actions in the real world and data processing in the digital world are fusing

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16 Mar 2016

Future Cities & Societies Will Be Made With And Will Need New Skills

Today, the idea that data can play a key role in the design and management

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29 Dec 2015

The Top 3 Smart City Trends To Expect In 2016

Predictions from research firm IDC revealed three particularly interesting trends emerging around the smart cities

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23 Oct 2015

How the Internet of Things Could Transform Public Services

Cars that can communicate with each other to avoid collisions. Thermostats that can be controlled

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29 Jul 2015

How Charlotte Takes Action For Their Smart City Initiative

There’s been much discussion lately about the potential of “smart cities” and connecting data to

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28 Jul 2015

Why Our Personal Quiet Time Is Almost A Thing Of The Past With IoT

The internet is already a threat to quiet contemplation – but could the internet of

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20 Jul 2015

Without Smart, Connected People There Are No Smart Cities

Driverless cars, smart homes, streetcars and high-speed rail, skyscrapers clad in solar panels – there

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13 Jul 2015

How ‘Internet Of Energy Things’ Help Improve The Smart Cities

Smart buildings are highly beneficial, and will become more so once all things that consume

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11 Jun 2015

How Glasgow Is Reinventing Itself With Data

What will the city of the future look like? Like a lot of cities, Glasgow

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04 Jun 2015

A Vulnerable City Is Not A Smart City

“Real world hacker” Cesar Cerrudo has blasted vendors, saying they’re stopping security researchers from testing

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29 May 2015

Will 5G Bring New Dimensions To Our Wireless World?

The hottest topic at Mobile World Congress 2015 will connect billions of people and things

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06 Apr 2015

Bristol Is Open : The Smart City Of The Future

The city of Bristol has announced a multi-million pound experiment to create the smart city of the

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28 Feb 2015

Smart Or Stupid: Will Our Cities Of The Future Be Easier To Hack?

As more and more machines are entrusted with managing city infrastructure systems, the prospect of

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31 Jan 2015

The Internet of Everything Will Change How We Live

As much as the Internet has already changed the world, it is the Web’s next

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