13 Jan 2020

Asian Countries Dominate Most Powerful Passport List For 2020

Japan is once again the leader when it comes to the number of destinations a

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06 Dec 2019

Looking Back: What Happened In Pearl Harbor?

7th of December 1941 is the day the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor. Prior to this,

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03 Jul 2019

Japan & Singapore Ranked Most Powerful According To Henley & Partners Passport Index

Henley & Partners has released their updated 2019 rankings of passport rankings for countries in

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03 Jul 2019

At The G20, A Focus On Sideshow Diplomacy And Photo Opps, With Limited Material Gains

What a weekend it’s been: global leadership, diplomacy and theatrics, all at play on the

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26 Jun 2019

How Japan’s Renewables-Powered Olympics Could Kick Off A Global Race For Clean Energy

Japan is aiming to host the first Olympic Games powered solely by renewable sources. If

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01 May 2019

Reiwa: The New Japanese Imperial Era

On April 30, 2019 Japanese Emperor Akihito officially abdicated the throne. Now, we are witnessing

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14 Jun 2018

How This Town Produces No Trash

Do you find separating trash by paper and plastic a chore? Then think about the

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11 Jun 2018

What Each Of The G7 Countries Wants, And What They Need

With many of the Trump administration’s recent decisions running directly counter to the other members’

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25 Jan 2018

Never Mind Brexit, Or Even Europe. The Future Is Eurasian.

In this new age, the notion that Europeans are special – that a wall separates

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22 Jan 2018

What Would An Earthquake-Proof City Look Like?

Earthquakes don’t kill people (generally), collapsing buildings do – meaning it is cities where the

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16 Jan 2018

When A Country’s Towns & Villages Face Extinction

It is predicted that 896 towns and villages across Japan will no longer be viable

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09 Jan 2018

What It’s Like To Live In A Well-Governed Country

What makes a country well-run? Whether minimising corruption or spearheading educational and medical initiatives, governments

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07 Oct 2017

The Spectacular Autumn Colours Around The World

It’s the season for mother nature to dazzle us with golds, reds, yellows and oranges

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18 Sep 2017

Why Did Korea Split In Two?

After being part of the same nation for more than a millennium, and having shared

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07 Nov 2016

Fireworks In Space: Japan Developing Artificial Shooting Stars

Our skies are about to get more colorful in the future as Japanase start-up, ALE

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13 Sep 2016

When Silence Is A Good Thing: Giving Praise In Japan

Japan has always conducted itself by its own set of rules that may seem peculiar

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25 Aug 2016

Just When You Thought You’d Love A Tokyo Subway Ride

The Japanese rail network is known throughout the world for its superiority and punctuality. In

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14 Apr 2016

Japan’s Largest & Sacred Cemetery With 200,000 Monks Buried

In a peaceful wooded area of Wakayama Prefecture, south of Kyoto and Osaka, lies the

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12 Apr 2016

Making Your Cities More Beautiful With Living Heritage

Architects, urban planners and government policymakers often aspire to make Australian cities more like Copenhagen.

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30 Mar 2016

Fukushima, Five Years, Fears, Fall Out, And The Future

Five years have passed since a massive tsunami washed over the seawall around the Fukushima

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15 Feb 2016

Changing The Signs For Changing Times

It still prefers triangles even though the world uses octagons. Japan is considering a revamp

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16 Apr 2015

Hanami : Japan’s Blooming Cherry Blossoms

Cherry blossoms, and the thousands of tourists that follow them, have descended on Japan. Hanami, or blossom

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28 Mar 2015

And The Lights Go Out : Formula One’s Romance With Cities (Part 3)

Here it is! The last leg of our Formula One cities series.   14: Singapore

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