22 Apr 2020

3 Ways Challenges Of Distant Learning Reshape Education

Today, we are all adapting to the new reality shaped by COVID-19 and trying to

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24 Jan 2020

International Day Of Education 2020: Learning For People, Planet, Prosperity, And Peace

The 24th of January marks the International Day of Education, the second one since the

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02 Aug 2019

Interactive Touchscreens Will Soon Become The Most Effective Teaching Tool

Digital technology is more and more often implemented into the educational system which is a

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06 Jan 2017

Kids Will Outsmart Us With Design Thinking For Urban Planning

In some schools, “design thinking” has become a buzzword emphasizing critical thinking and problem solving.

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16 Mar 2015

Smarter Kids From Smarter Cities Start With Diverse Neighbourhoods

Babies who hear a variety of different languages outside their home may be more willing

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