06 Jun 2019

AI, Machine Learning, & Cybersecurity: What Can Companies Do

With cyber threats growing in complexity, this world increasingly reliant on computers cannot afford to

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01 Jun 2019

How To Prevent Discriminatory Outcomes In Machine Learning

As machine learning (ML) systems continue to improve, its integration to systems making up the

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28 May 2019

AI Governance: A Holistic Approach To Implement Ethics Into AI

With Artificial Intelligence (AI) increasingly intertwining with human lives, it is also becoming increasingly important

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16 Oct 2018

Machine Learning Makes A Cost-Effective Environmental Watchdog

Machine learning could help safeguard public health and spot environmental dangers, according to new research.

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29 Aug 2018

Everyone Is Talking About AI—But Do They Mean the Same Thing?

In 2017, artificial intelligence attracted $12 billion of VC investment. We are only beginning to

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22 Feb 2018

Why Even A Moth’s Brain Is Smarter Than An AI

A neural network that simulates the way moths recognize odors also shows how they learn

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24 Dec 2017

A Machine-Learning Census Of America’s Cities

Millions of images of public streets offer a cheap, sweeping view of America’s demography. “WOULD

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21 Dec 2017

The Future Of AI Revenue : Top 10 Use Cases For AI In The Next Decade

Artificial intelligence already impacts many aspects of our daily lives at work, at home, and

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14 Dec 2017

The Benefits And Risk Of Artificial Intelligence

WHAT IS AI? From SIRI to self-driving cars, artificial intelligence (AI) is progressing rapidly. While

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02 Nov 2017

AI Is Reshaping What We Know About Cities

Machine learning is helping urbanists confirm–or disprove–long-standing theories about cities. Why do certain neighborhoods feel safe

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16 Feb 2015

How Crowdsourcing And Machine Learning Will Change The Way We Design Cities

Researchers at MIT Media Lab are using crowdsourced data to create an algorithm that determines

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