30 Jul 2020

What Is The Purpose Of A 3D Printer? A Tech Guide

The invention of 3D printing or additive manufacturing has revolutionized the manufacturing industry. Companies like Boeing, Invisalign,

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15 Feb 2020

Coronavirus: The Blow To The Chinese Economy Could Be Felt For Years

Investors are still being fairly complacent about the novel coronavirus. After the number of new

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06 Nov 2019

African Countries Can’t Industrialise? Yes, They Can

Narratives are essential. Humans are, after all, “helpless story junkies”. Business and economic success depend

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20 Apr 2018

The Rise Of The Rest (Of The World)

American cities still have the edge when it comes to high-tech startups and venture capital,

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12 Dec 2017

Can The World’s Megacities Survive The Digital Age?

Today, megacities have become synonymous with economic growth. In both developing and developed countries, cities with populations of

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16 Jan 2017

The Future Of The Cloud And Data Centers Are Found In A Bakery

We live in a data-driven world. From social media to smart cities to the internet

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27 Aug 2015

Understand China’s Current Economy In 6 Charts

Has the China bubble finally burst? China’s major stock indexes extended its loss to a

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14 Jul 2015

Who And What Are The Root Cause Of Climate Change

As the world gears up for a crucial climate summit in Paris this December, a

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13 Jul 2015

How Value Is Created In The Age Of Networks And Collaboration

Underlying the collaborative economy are a handful of very strong and general trends that are

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14 Apr 2015

Which US Cities Are Most Ready To Fill Tech Jobs?

Saying that America’s 50-industries-strong tech sector is “the country’s best shot at supporting innovative, inclusive,

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