28 May 2020

Remote Work Policies Likely To Propel Post-Pandemic Exodus From Expensive Cities

The COVID-19 pandemic-driven surge in remote work may result in an exodus from expensive cities.

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06 Aug 2019

When World Leaders Thought You Shouldn’t Need Passports Or Visas

In the age of heavily restricted migration, passport control seems a natural prerogative of the

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16 Jul 2019

Climate Crisis: Migration Cannot Be The Only Option For People Living On ‘Drowning’ Islands

The evidence of the climate crisis is now undeniable. But state responses to climate change

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17 Jan 2019

Need To Solve A Border Dispute? Look To Ethiopia Or Uzbekistan

Border disputes have recently taken on renewed importance, threatening political crisis in the UK, US

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14 May 2018

Refugees Can Actually Create Jobs For Locals In Growing Cities – If Given The Chance

The term “refugee” conjures up certain images; bedraggled, desperate people hauling themselves onto lifeboats in the Mediterranean;

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14 May 2018

Countries Must Compete For Migrant Workers To Boost Their Economies

Politicians and the media expend inordinate amounts of energy debating migration, often using nativist, populist

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25 Apr 2018

This Striking Feature Of Manila Makes It An Emblematic Global City

Tokyo, London, New York, Paris, Manila. Few would think of Manila atop a list of

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24 Apr 2018

More Than Just Sanctuary, Migrants Need Social Citizenship

In 1975, the English author John Berger wrote about the political implications of immigration, at

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04 Apr 2018

Migrants : When Europeans Once Flocked To North African Shores

“Praise be to God. To my master, may god preserve you. After our master scolded

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10 Oct 2017

How Migration Will Reshape Our World

Arguments rage, but what does immigration really mean for jobs, economies and cultures? The evidence

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14 Sep 2017

Planning Cities For Migration

Migration is a natural human phenomenon, but not one that organisations in the built environment

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15 Aug 2017

Cities Like Amsterdam And Dublin Inspired By Its Inclusive Universities

Take a walk around any city, and you will probably spot the signs of other

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06 Dec 2016

How Populism Could Shake Up Europe

Energized by President-elect Donald Trump’s victory, Europe’s populist movements are on the cusp of sweeping

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28 Sep 2016

What’s It Like To Live In The Best Country For Expats

Singapore — the lion city — always tops the list for the best country for

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04 Jul 2016

How Google Searches Maps To Migration, A 12-Year View

An interactive data visualization shows where people are searching for information on moving to G7

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24 Nov 2015

How Can Climate Talks In Paris Impact The Rest Of Us

Drought has been deadly for indigenous people in Colombia’s desert peninsula, underscoring a global crisis:

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18 Nov 2015

Discovering The Map Of Frenzy In Europe’s Migrant Crisis

A new interactive data viz shows flows of refugees seeking asylum as whizzing dots. Last

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15 Oct 2015

The Top 10 Counties Where People Are Moving

Migration rates are near historic lows, but some places are still attracting large numbers of

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02 Jul 2015

Cities Redefining What A Safe City Is

“Urban safety isn’t just about avoiding muggings. Sanitation, immigration and even air-traffic control all matter

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