14 Jul 2020

Don’t Feel Like Taking Public Transport? Try These Next-Level Ways To Get Around The City

People are searching for alternative ways to get around cities worldwide, with many individuals still

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16 Jun 2020

How Has The Pandemic Changed The Movement Of People Around The World?

Here’s how the assortment of pandemic response policies have altered the mobility of the people.

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08 Jun 2020

COVID-19 Pandemic Fuels Bicycle Boom

The cycling market experiences a surge in demand in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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05 Jun 2020

Why Are Electric Scooters Dangerous?

Electric scooters seem like a fun way of getting around the city, but they’re far

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16 May 2020

The Impact Of COVID-19 On Future Mobility Solutions

What does this global pandemic entail for the future of mobility in the new world?

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23 Jan 2020

A Better Daily Commute Is Possible – Just Ask Residents In These Cities

Public transport plays a vital role in cities around the world, connecting people to their

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04 Nov 2019

Mobility-As-A-Service: The Value Proposition For The Public And Our Urban Systems

Private car ownership is going down soon — it is time for Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) to

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23 Oct 2019

The Most Congested Cities In Asia 2019

Being stuck in a traffic gridlock could easily ruin a good day. While there are

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30 Sep 2019

Rethinking Urban Mobility

Cities are the drivers of change. If there is one aspect where cities haven’t driven

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23 Sep 2019

How Data Is Powering Smart City Micromobility And Public Transport

The massive volumes of information brought upon by the digital age allow us to move

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11 Aug 2019

Are Shared E-Scooters Good For The Planet? Only If They Replace Car Trips

Shared dockless electric scooters, or e-scooters, transport riders over short distances in cities. Ride share

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05 Jul 2019

On The Move: What You And The City Can Do To Close The Gender Gap In Urban Mobility

The way we design our cities are far from being gender-neutral. In their paper, Laeticia

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28 Sep 2018

Why US Public Transportation Is So Bad — And Why Americans Don’t Care

The US has bad public transit, but you probably already know that. While some cities

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07 Sep 2018

How Traffic Signals Favour Cars And Discourage Walking

Traffic signals give priority to motor vehicles over pedestrians. This inequality undermines many of the

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05 Sep 2018

How To Build Global Cities Without So Many Cars

Expanding public transportation, walking, and biking in cities could save more than $100 trillion in

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31 Aug 2018

Preparing Your City For The Electric Vehicle Surge? Ask Oslo.

An automobile revolution is coming our way – only you might have trouble hearing it

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10 May 2018

Love The Bus, Save Your City

Talk of the transportation future is focused on the next shiny thing. But one old

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27 Sep 2017

Smart Cities Objectives & Tactics: Work Smarter Not Harder

As the world’s biggest cities continue to sprawl with many millions of new people, they’ll

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guy working on laptop outside
26 Jun 2017

Here Are The Best Cities For Digital Nomads

 The one thing truest about technology is that it is always evolving. These days, technology

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13 Oct 2016

Does Transit Always Increase Land Value?

Cities are harnessing future land values to pay for new infrastructure. But the research behind

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25 Apr 2016

Mobile Big Data Discoveries Show Social Segregations In Hong Kong

There’s plenty to learn about where residents travel each day, and with whom they choose

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07 Mar 2016

Gil Penalosa : Citizens Can’t Be Spectators In Urban Planning

Gil Penalosa wants you to act now. So it’s a good thing that when he’s

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04 Mar 2016

The Urban Family’s Guide To Living Car-Free

You can do it. If your family leaves the suburbs for the city, there are

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05 Feb 2016

Why The Downward Spiral Of Inequality Is Becoming Harder To Fix

Why does economic inequality—as opposed to just poverty—matter? There are a lot of reasons, but

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28 Jan 2016

The City As Cause & Cure For Its Own Sickness

Do cities make us sick? A century ago, it went without saying that they did.

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22 Jan 2016

A Tale Of Many Cities & The Impacts Of Bikesharing

Public bikesharing has emerged as one of the latest transportation innovations, transforming North American cities

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21 Dec 2015

Can Cars That Park Themselves Reduce Traffic?

New England’s most densely populated city is testing a new way to alleviate congestion and

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14 Sep 2015

How Spokane Started A “Smart Bus System”

The new tracking system will give riders a sense of security for where the bus

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08 Sep 2015

Is A High-Speed Rail System In The U.S. Just A Dream?

Virtually every wealthy nation in the world has invested in a high-speed-rail network — with

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03 Sep 2015

A Tale Of Four World Cities Compared

These four cities – home to a total of more than 80 million people –

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02 Sep 2015

How Transportation Nourishes And Shapes Urban Communities

It is estimated that by 2050, two-thirds of the world’s population will live in cities.

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27 Aug 2015

The Transportation Choices That Millennials Want

To attract young professionals, cities increasingly are going to have to think multi-modal. With no

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25 Aug 2015

Why City Government Innovations Is Simply Good Business

Other agencies want to buy Longboat Key, Fl.’s award-winning fire application, but can the city

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20 Aug 2015

How Driverless Cars And Big Data Intersect in Simulated City

The fun thing about driverless cars is the cars, of course: how they recognise and

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21 Jul 2015

Why eGovernment Has Such A Long Way To Go

The video accompanying this story was produced for NIC in support of its Innovation Nation

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21 Jul 2015

How NYC Transit Leverages Analytics For Better Services

New York City Transit Uses Analytics to Improve Service to Public To make sense of

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20 Jul 2015

Without Smart, Connected People There Are No Smart Cities

Driverless cars, smart homes, streetcars and high-speed rail, skyscrapers clad in solar panels – there

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18 Jul 2015

How Ford Innovation Center Tackles Transportation Tech

As cities grow more congested, Ford wants to be there for customers whether they buy,

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17 Jul 2015

How Governments Get Better With Citizen Engagement Platforms

Every year, more consumer technologies find their way into government agencies where they can help

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17 Jul 2015

Why Citizen Engagement And Digital Cities Start With Awareness

A survey of 15 major cities highlights communications gaps separating citizens from civic tech. Services

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16 Jul 2015

2015 Survey Honors Most Innovative, Pioneering Digital Counties

In this year’s survey, the Center for Digital Government recognises 54 counties as adaptive IT

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03 Jul 2015

How Virtual Reality Shopping Is The Next Big Thing

High street shops are well-established online these days and provide new opportunities for interaction between

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02 Jul 2015

What Cities Can Do to Increase the Use of Alternative Transport

A few weeks ago, we invited people to share their thoughts with us about what

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12 Jun 2015

Enjoying Mobility In Stuttgart

Stuttgart has set an aspiring goal when it comes to mobility on two wheels: the

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09 Jun 2015

How To Make Infrastructure Sexy


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29 May 2015

Why Our Cities Need Smart Transport

The reform of urban mobility remains one of the biggest challenges confronting policy makers around

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22 Apr 2015

The Future Of Walkable Cities, Now

To walk in our cities is more than just a simple act of transport. Walking

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11 Feb 2015

Why Can’t Public Transit Be Free?

The main goal of transportation that costs riders nothing—getting people out of their cars—can’t be

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06 Feb 2015

Smartphone: The Transport Innovation Of The Decade

In a previous New York City mayoral election, supermarket mogul John Catsimatidis bragged that he

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05 Feb 2015

Communities Of The Future Will Be Organised on Transportation

The era of transit-oriented development and “networked livable communities” has arrived. The Great Recession has

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