17 Jun 2020

Everything You Need To Know Before Getting A Loan

Unfortunately, most of us don’t have the kind of money that allows us to constantly

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12 Jun 2020

6 Reasons Why Our Society Needs Money To Function

The world revolves around money. The economy, businesses, and individuals rely on the exchange of

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05 Jun 2020

Viable Ways To Earn Money Online

The way we work has never been different, with online jobs becoming more prominent by

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20 May 2020

Great Tips On Managing Finances In 2020

The year 2020 has brought along plenty of insecurities and interesting times with it, but

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19 May 2020

All Of The World’s Wealth In One Visualization

If all of the world’s wealth were lumped together, how much would it be worth?

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03 Apr 2020

Secured Vs. Unsecured Loans: Which One Is Right For You?

Americans are borrowing more than ever with the total of personal loans reaching $120 billion.

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25 Feb 2020

3 Monthly Expenses You Can Trim To Save Money In The City

Living in a city does not only come with convenience it also comes with a

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05 Nov 2019

Tips To Handling Your Finances A Lot Wiser

Everyone has experienced guilt over spending money, where at one point what seemed like a

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14 Aug 2019

How To Get Your Finances In Order

No one loves to discuss the topic of money, but it’s an important one. Money

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12 Jul 2019

Make More Money: 11 Best Side Hustles Of 2019

The jury is out — we’re in a freelance economy right now.  What it means to have

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31 May 2019

How To Borrow Money Without Talking To A Human

As technology continues to advance, opportunities for greater efficiency in industries such as mortgages and

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14 Feb 2019

Money Can Change Which News Stories We Believe

We may be more likely to correctly evaluate a news stories’ accuracy and agree with

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21 Jan 2019

Crypto – Trends, Recovery and 2019

Any year-on-year graph on cryptocurrencies will show that the 2017 bull run is over. The

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22 Nov 2018

These Are The 8 Major Forces Shaping The Future Of The Global Economy

The world is changing faster than ever before. With billions of people hyper-connected to each

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18 Sep 2018

Under What Circumstances Is Inequality OK?

As two years since Brits voted for Brexit is checked off the calendar, the thick

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24 Jul 2018

Top Finance Apps For City Slickers

2018 is the year of the worker and in New York City, workers have seen a

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19 Jul 2018

How Airports Make Money

Airports are huge structures which are costly to construct and to maintain. So, how do

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20 Jun 2018

Even If You Build It, The Poor Can’t Come : Against Supply-Side

‘If you build it, they will come.’ It’s a Latin saying – Si tu id aeficas,

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24 Jan 2018

Four Reasons Why Corruption Matters

More than a trillion dollars are stolen from the world’s poorest countries every year, which is such a

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27 Oct 2017

These Are The Cities Where Visitors Spend The Most Cash

Maybe it’s the fact that there are vending machines that dispense solid gold. But Dubai

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13 Oct 2017

Why Is Art So Expensive?

Artwork, specifically paintings, can seem like it should be moderately cheap. How long could it

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04 Jul 2017

How Do Millennial Finances Compare To Previous Generations

While Canadians freak out over avocado toast and housing prices, let’s see what’s happening with

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18 May 2016

Move Over FinTech, Time For A Little FinArt

The greenback may rule global markets, but when it comes to more aesthetic considerations, the

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04 Mar 2016

In Sweden, a Cash-Free Future Nears

STOCKHOLM — Parishioners text tithes to their churches. Homeless street vendors carry mobile credit-card readers.

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04 Nov 2015

How Americans’ Spending Habits Have Changed Over a Decade

Where consumers end up spending their money each year fluctuates for a number of reasons.

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08 Jun 2015

Cities For The Super-Rich

London has the highest concentration of the world’s wealthiest individuals, followed closely by Tokyo, Singapore,

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04 Jun 2015

The Connection Between City Trees And Income Inequality

A new study finds a strong correlation between income level and canopy cover. But the

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31 Jan 2015

Could a Billionaire Buy All the Homes in Your City?

Buying a private island is still the gold standard for extravagant billionaire real estate investments.

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