25 Sep 2018

Is Travel Really That Bad?

Okay, the title of this article is a bit tongue-in-cheek, but travel does involve considerable

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16 Aug 2018

Encouraging City Dwellers To Walk More

Many cities today are saddled with high car dependency, wider roads, fewer pedestrian-friendly streets, increased

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02 May 2018

Superblocks : How Barcelona Is Taking City Streets Back From Cars

Barcelona is taking city streets back from cars, one block at a time:   This

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24 Feb 2016

What Makes People Use Public Transport?

As traffic congestion continues growing in urban areas, more and more cities have realized that

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04 May 2015

Walkonomics And The High Line Effect

  Investing in walkable public spaces should be a no-brainer; they can be a catalyst

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22 Apr 2015

The Future Of Walkable Cities, Now

To walk in our cities is more than just a simple act of transport. Walking

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28 Feb 2015

Las Vegas’ Pedestrian-Friendly Shopping Mall

The LINQ, a new outdoor shopping district in Vegas, is betting on the profitability of

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10 Feb 2015

Better Design For Saving Pedestrians

New York city police are stepping up efforts to rein in jaywalkers after cars struck

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