23 Jul 2019

New Wave Of Smart Cities Has Arrived – And They’re Nothing Like Science Fiction

An abandoned mine shaft beneath the town of Mansfield, England is an unlikely place to

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26 Nov 2018

Why Are So Many Government Projects Late And Over Budget?

Ironically, it can happen because managers skip steps in an effort to go faster. State

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04 May 2018

How Planners Plan Cities (In Star Wars & Real Life)

  This video is created by City Beautiful.

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12 Oct 2016

The Value Of Airports As Economic Regions

Airports have a lot of untapped economic potential due to their proximity and connectivity to

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15 Apr 2016

The Promise Of City Scale Government As It Should Be

For residents of Australia’s cities, federalism means state governments have the right to assert what

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18 Mar 2016

How Sandtown, Baltimore Reinvents Itself With Community Planning

Across the United States thousands of once thriving working class neighborhoods are boarded up, but

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08 Sep 2015

Is A High-Speed Rail System In The U.S. Just A Dream?

Virtually every wealthy nation in the world has invested in a high-speed-rail network — with

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03 Jul 2015

DIY Guide : How To Build A City From Scratch

From Songdo, South Korea to Lavasa, India via Egypt’s unnamed new capital, everywhere you look

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30 May 2015

How Can We Prepare For Multi-Hazards?

Natural and man-made disasters can strike simultaneously. So is it possible to be totally prepared

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30 May 2015

What Makes A City Attractive?

Is there an “art of making attractive cities”? London-based alternative education group The School of

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29 May 2015

Would You Share Private Data For A Better City?

  In the 1950s, a decade after he outlined the theory of the Big Bang

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02 May 2015

Urban Environment Design And Bad Guys

Whose job is it to prevent crime? The police? The courts? Certainly. However, I’d argue

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24 Feb 2015

How To Build A Fairer City

Four leading academics propose the ‘grounded city’ – where sustainable transport, accessible broadband and modest

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17 Feb 2015

What Can UK Learn From Auckland On Metro Mayors And City-regions?

Four lessons from New Zealand on how to devolve power to cities. Last November 2014 Centre

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13 Feb 2015

Weapons, Bribes, And Dictators: Where Architects Draw The Line

Zaha Hadid says it’s not her job to pay attention to how many migrant workers

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30 Jan 2015

5 Crucial Principles For 21st Century Transportation Systems

Handling tomorrow’s mega-trends means rethinking today’s infrastructure. Over the rest of the 21st century, cities

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