14 Aug 2020

How COVID Has Revealed The Need For A Rethink In Urban Planning

The COVID-19 pandemic has heightened awareness of the significant flaws in our urban infrastructure, and

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25 Jun 2020

How Pandemics Have Changed American Cities – Often For The Better

New York City’s experience as the epicenter of the U.S. COVID-19 outbreak is raising questions

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17 Jun 2020

Global Poverty: Coronavirus Could Drive It Up For The First Time Since The 1990s

As COVID-19 slows in developed countries, the virus’s spread is speeding up in the developing

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13 Jun 2020

Coronavirus: What If The Vaccine Or Drugs Don’t Save Us?

The curve of the COVID-19 epidemic has been flattened in many countries around the world,

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10 Jun 2020

10 Misconceptions About The 1918 Flu, The ‘Greatest Pandemic In History’

Pandemic: It’s a scary word. But the world has seen pandemics before, and worse ones,

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05 Jun 2020

Are We Opening When We Should?

Right now, the entire world is just testing how we are going to continue to

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17 Apr 2020

The Biggest Financial Contributors To The World Health Organization

With Trump announcing that the US will halt funding, China will be WHO’s biggest benefactor.

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07 Apr 2020

A Brief History Of The World Health Organization

The World Health Organization (WHO) began its operations 71 years ago today. Also during this

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04 Apr 2020

How To Cope With The Mental Health Effects Of Social Distancing For COVID-19

According to the World Health Organization and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in

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23 Mar 2020

The Flu Pandemic Of 1918: Modern Parallels From A Century-Old Pandemic

The influenza pandemic of 1918 (also known as the Spanish flu, even though it didn’t

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18 Mar 2020

How Cities Around The World Are Handling COVID-19 – And Why We Need To Measure Their Preparedness

When it comes to infectious disease outbreaks, cities are dual-edged. To be sure, cities are

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13 Mar 2020

How Cities Can Prepare For The Next Pandemic

According to Johns Hopkins CSSE, the COVID-19 outbreak has recorded more than 20 million confirmed

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12 Mar 2020

How Cities Shape Pandemics

Cities and pandemics are closely linked throughout history. A lot of lives have been claimed

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09 Mar 2020

Developing Countries Could Get Sick Before They Get Rich. Policy Can Help

Improved human well-being is one of the modern era’s greatest triumphs. The age of plenty

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01 Mar 2020

Plans To Fight Coronavirus Must Pay Attention To The Environment

The rapid onset and spread of coronavirus is proving to be a huge challenge for

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18 Feb 2020

Outbreaks Like Coronavirus Start In And Spread From The Edges Of Cities

Emerging infectious disease has much to do with how and where we live. The ongoing

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13 Feb 2020

We’re In Danger Of Drowning In A Coronavirus ‘Infodemic’. Here’s How We Can Cut Through The Noise

The novel coronavirus that has so far killed more than 1,100 people now has a

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11 Feb 2020

7 Dangerous Myths About Coronavirus Busted By The World Health Organization

The 2019 Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV / COVID-19) is definitely a valid source of concern. However,

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05 Feb 2020

A Clue To Stopping Coronavirus: Knowing How Viruses Adapt From Animals To Humans

As the novel coronavirus death toll mounts, it is natural to worry. How far will

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16 Dec 2019

‘Blue’ Space: Access To Water Features Can Boost City Dwellers’ Mental Health

Officials are increasingly recognizing that integrating nature into cities is an effective public health strategy

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12 Mar 2018

This Is Why Health Has To Be At The Heart Of The New Urban Agenda

Urban experts gathered at the ninth World Urban Forum in Kuala Lumpur over the past week to

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29 Apr 2016

As More Of Asia Prospers, Obesity Becomes A Weighty Deal

Extra body weight has long been associated with wealth, as evident from Renaissance art to

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