03 May 2018

How The Crisis Of The 1930s Made The Catholic Church Modern

The 20th century is littered with failed global experiments. The British Empire roared into the

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27 Apr 2018

Understanding Other Religions Is Fundamental To Citizenship

By walking down the street of any major city, you are likely to see more

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21 Apr 2018

Religious Faith Can Help People To Build Better Cities – Here’s How

Religious faith is deeply ingrained in the way cities look and function. In the past,

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21 Dec 2016

It Is Not What People Believe That Shapes A City…

“…it is how they put those beliefs into action.” Norwich has the highest proportion of

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06 Jul 2016

Before We Destroyed Cities, We Destroyed Its Soul First

What caused the war in Syria? Oppression, drought and religious differences all played key roles,

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