30 Sep 2019

5 Tips For Keeping Your Business Safe For Employees

Any business owner should flinch at the idea of one of their employees getting hurt

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17 Sep 2019

The Most Surveilled Cities In The World

There are times that you feel like you’re being watched. If you are in these

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04 Jul 2019

4 Tips For Driving In San Diego

San Diego is certainly a beautiful place with plenty of great attractions, but even the

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31 May 2019

What To Do Before A Hurricane: A Guide For Businesses

No! Not Jim Cantore. Four words uttered by anxious Coastians when a hurricane is near.

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03 Apr 2019

Work Accidents: How To Stay Safe

It doesn’t matter what your job is; staying safe at work is of the utmost

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05 Nov 2018

Safety Tips When It Comes To Electronics

Technology has gone beyond what anyone could have imagined. Tech gurus around the world are

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04 Jun 2018

Here’s How Data Could Make Our Cities Safer

Across Europe, fast-growing cities and city regions are increasingly confronted with urban violence from extremists

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29 Nov 2017

These Are The Most (And Least) Safe Cities In The World 2017

The Economist Intelligence Unit’s third annual Safe Cities Index has ranked four East Asian and three European

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21 Jul 2017

The Immense Impact of Street Design In Our Behavior

As dozens of cities try to emulate Sweden’s success, they’re learning what works and what

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04 Apr 2017

How Does A City Shape Women’s Feelings Of Safety?

When authorities decide that an area of the city is “not safe”, the usual response

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12 Jan 2017

A Very Scary Networked Nuclear Weapon Proposition In The U.S.

The future arsenal will be networked, presenting unique security challenges for the U.S. Air Force.

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04 Nov 2016

Happy, Healthy, And Simple Neighbourhoods Can Be Yours

Modern life is proving more complex, tiresome and heavy-going than we imagined. We live under

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16 Mar 2016

Healthy Cities Need Safe City Streets For City Children

Lamine Mahdjoubi, Faculty of the Built Environment at the University of the West of England

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24 Feb 2016

Want A Cycling City? Design For Traffic Safety

The World Bicycle Forum in Medellín, Colombia last 2015 brought together more than 4,000 attendees

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29 Jul 2015

19th-Century Arches Could Be Key To Pedestrian Safety

Matthew Falber led walking tours of Central Park for years before the idea struck. After

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21 Jul 2015

How Can A City Measure Its Happiness?

At one time, questionnaires about well-being were the province of mental health professionals. But in

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23 Jun 2015

How Often Do You Experience Street Harassment?

How you feel about street harassment can depend a lot on where you’re from.  

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18 Jun 2015

How New Technology Is A Useful Tool For Urban Safety

  Is “Life Paint” a helpful new technology, or a dubious marketing ploy? There’s no

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18 May 2015

Urban Sprawl Reversal In The Future

Did you know crowded cities take up only 2% of the earth’s surface, but generate

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06 Mar 2015

The World’s Safest Cities

Asian and European cities come out on top. At number 10, New York City is

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06 Feb 2015

Could Redesigned Subway Platforms Save Lives?

Last Sunday, in an apparently random attack, an unknown assailant pushed 61-year-old New Yorker Wai

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