26 Feb 2018

Do Cities Still Want A Sharing Economy?

Much has been said in recent months about Uber and its travails as a company,

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08 Nov 2017

Owning A Car Will Soon Be A Thing Of The Past

The idea that we will surrender our prized motors can look far-fetched. But as cities

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10 Oct 2016

The ‘Airbnb Effect’: Is It Real, And What Is It Doing To A City Like Amsterdam?

In the Dutch capital, Airbnb has been accused of driving up property prices and disrupting

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16 Feb 2016

The Sharing Economy Should Not Lead to City Zoning Chaos

The sharing economy is challenging the demand for land-use regulations, but they’re still necessary. We

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29 Jun 2015

No Cities, No Sharing Economy

Since the first rumblings of Uber and Airbnb, the so-called “sharing economy” has expanded rapidly,

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