15 Nov 2019

Urban Unrest Propels Global Wave Of Protests

Numerous anti-government protests have paralyzed cities across the globe for months, from La Paz, Bolivia,

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07 Aug 2019

What Sort Of ‘Development’ Has No Place For A Billion Slum Dwellers?

Imagine a community of 200,000. Convivial, walkable, six times the density of Manhattan but with

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30 Jan 2018

How Slums Can Inspire The Micro-Cities Of The Future

Soon, one third of humanity will live in a slum. Our cities are at breaking

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06 Nov 2015

Migrants Are The Key Source Of Vitality For Cities, Plan Well

The world’s population is becoming increasingly urban. Sometime in 2007 is usually reckoned to be

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03 Feb 2015

Smart slums: Utopian or Dystopian Vision of the Future?

A researcher explores how smart-city sensor technology can empower or disempower slum dwellers. Life in a

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