23 Jul 2019

New Wave Of Smart Cities Has Arrived – And They’re Nothing Like Science Fiction

An abandoned mine shaft beneath the town of Mansfield, England is an unlikely place to

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23 Apr 2018

With Smart Cities, Your Every Step Will Be Recorded

Modern cities are brimming with objects that receive, collect and transmit data. This includes mobile phones

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28 Feb 2018

Stop Saying ‘Smart Cities’

Digital stardust won’t magically make future cities more affordable or resilient. The term “smart city”

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27 Sep 2017

Smart Cities Objectives & Tactics: Work Smarter Not Harder

As the world’s biggest cities continue to sprawl with many millions of new people, they’ll

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19 Sep 2017

5 Reasons How Smart Cities Will Fail Us

Emergent technologies are poised to radically change how we work and live. They will transform

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07 Sep 2017

How Smart Is Your City? – A Survey

Cities, smart or not, have emerged as key initiatives for local governments. As these governments

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31 Jul 2017

Are You Sure Your City Is Better?

Our cities have now been named as the saving places of a planet in crisis.

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06 Jun 2017

To Ride the Subway of the Future, All You Need Is Your Face

Biometric markers could replace physical payment methods, speeding entry for passengers (and discouraging fare evaders).

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06 May 2016

Amsterdam, Already Leads In Cycling, Pulls Further With Bike Mayor

The semi-official post is the first of its kind in the world. This summer, Amsterdam

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04 May 2016

Where Citizens Doing DIY Knows It Is Not Built In A Day

Armed with shovels and sacks of cold asphalt, Rome’s residents fill potholes. Defying rats, they

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27 Apr 2016

Raising The Bar For Smart Cities In Singapore

Government-deployed sensors will collect and coordinate an unprecedented amount of data on daily life in

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18 Mar 2016

While Apple & FBI Are Fighting, US DOT & Google’s Sidewalk Labs Are Partnering

U.S. DOT and Sidewalk Labs Partner in the Smart City Challenge; Sidewalk Labs to Create

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16 Mar 2016

Why A University Is A Reflection Of Its Cities And Vice Versa

Cities could increasingly take the lead on solving societal problems. Ed Glaeser, an economist at

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29 Dec 2015

The Top 3 Smart City Trends To Expect In 2016

Predictions from research firm IDC revealed three particularly interesting trends emerging around the smart cities

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10 Dec 2015

Discover 10 Cool Items For Your Smarter & Greener Home

Looking to spruce up your home? New options, showcased at this year’s Greenbuild trade show,

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12 Nov 2015

Singapore + Copenhagen = Smart City Fusion

To mark the 50th anniversary of close bilateral ties between Singapore and Denmark, the two

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23 Oct 2015

How the Internet of Things Could Transform Public Services

Cars that can communicate with each other to avoid collisions. Thermostats that can be controlled

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21 Oct 2015

What A City Would Look Like If It Were Designed For Only Bikes (No Cars Allowed!)

Coasting down from your apartment on your personal bike ramp will be so fun. The

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20 Oct 2015

Why Smart Cities, As It Is Portrayed, Is Not Always Really Smart

Digital tracking systems – The smart city ‘is a promise to improve quality of life,

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29 Jul 2015

How Charlotte Takes Action For Their Smart City Initiative

There’s been much discussion lately about the potential of “smart cities” and connecting data to

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18 Jul 2015

Why Smart Cities Have Always Been About People

In Charlotte, N.C., providing people with data is leading to real transformation. The city of

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17 Jun 2015

How Big Data May Help Sustain A Sustainable City

Global IT firm Hitachi Consulting has been chosen to build a first-of-its-kind Big Data platform

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11 Jun 2015

How Glasgow Is Reinventing Itself With Data

What will the city of the future look like? Like a lot of cities, Glasgow

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03 Jun 2015

Barcelona’s Quest To Become The Smartest City Of Them All

  Barcelona has been named the Smartest City in the world for 2015, according to

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18 May 2015

Futuristic Smart City Models of Paris

Inhabitat favorite Vincent Callebaut just unveiled plans to transform Paris into a futuristic “smart” city

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04 May 2015

The Silent Rise Of The Smart City

  As Google hits the headlines for changes to its privacy rules across Europe, it

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30 Apr 2015

Bluetooth And Sensors Help Michigan Drivers Avoid Construction Snarls

Construction season adds angst to already messy commutes. In Michigan, a combination of sensors and

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06 Apr 2015

Bristol Is Open : The Smart City Of The Future

The city of Bristol has announced a multi-million pound experiment to create the smart city of the

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06 Apr 2015

Big Apple. Big Cities. Big Data.

In mid-2011, New York found itself gripped by a series of horrible tragedies: Five people,

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19 Mar 2015

Is Your City Too Smart For You?

Could pursuing the rational, clinical urbanism of smart cities destroy the charming chaos of traditional

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11 Mar 2015

From Old Port City To Smart City

Aside from the occasional ferry down from England, the old Spanish port city of Santander

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25 Feb 2015

How Copenhagen Is Using LEDs To Create A Smarter City

The Danish capital is using a network of LEDs to do everything from direct cyclists

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21 Feb 2015

The Rise Of The Sensor-Based Smart City

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil’s second largest city, is about to be flooded. Not by storms,

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18 Feb 2015

Wellington In New Zealand Experiments With Parking Sensors

Thousands of sensors are to be installed around Wellington to keep an eye on parking overstayers.

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03 Feb 2015

A Smart City Is More Than Just Sensors, Big Data, and Internet

Investing billions in big data and smart technology isn’t the only answer to building more

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