23 Mar 2020

How Does The Coronavirus Affect Different Age Groups?

Young people are more likely to be carriers of COVID-19 than they think, this is

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17 Jul 2018

Who Has The Highest Density Of Robot Workers In The World

Industrial robots are no longer preserved for a select few companies. And they aren’t so

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01 May 2018

North And South Korea Met – But What Does It Really Mean?

The moving footage of South Korean President Moon Jae-in and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un

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25 Apr 2018

South Korean Youths: ‘We’re Too Busy For Reunification’

“We have no interest in [Korea] reunification. We’re just too busy.” The Korean War may

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18 Sep 2017

Why Did Korea Split In Two?

After being part of the same nation for more than a millennium, and having shared

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22 Dec 2016

Bringing Back The ‘Seoul’ In Seoul, South Korea

Seoul, capital of South Korea, a modern metropolis. A booming economy with a technologically advanced

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19 May 2015

Seoul’s Turning An Old Highway Into A Flowery High Line

  MAKE WAY FOR the High Line effect. Ever since the elevated park turned New

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