11 Oct 2017

Why Does Catalonia Want Independence From Spain?

Why are Barcelona and Real Madrid such fierce sporting rivals? Here is the story of

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23 May 2016

A 1987 Dream In Barcelona Reclaiming Its City For Its People

The Catalan capital’s radical new strategy will restrict traffic to a number of big roads,

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29 May 2015

How To Create A City That Already Exists

In Europe 80% of the population lives in cities. The analysis of the economic, social,

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24 Apr 2015

A City Is Near By The Plastic In The Sea

Two French oceanography researchers expected to find pollution on their 8,345km, 14-month kayak journey from

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11 Apr 2015

Keeping Spain’s Streets Bright With Renewable Energy

A combination of built-in wind turbine and solar panels can keep the streets bright without

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11 Mar 2015

From Old Port City To Smart City

Aside from the occasional ferry down from England, the old Spanish port city of Santander

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04 Mar 2015

Seville’s Cycling Transformation

Spain remains far from a paradise for bikes – yet cycling has increased 11-fold in

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