16 Jun 2020

A Truck Driver’s Guide To Safety On The Road

Working as a truck driver can be a laborious career and added to it the

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05 Jun 2020

Why Are Electric Scooters Dangerous?

Electric scooters seem like a fun way of getting around the city, but they’re far

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28 May 2020

How City Streets Are Being Transformed During COVID-19 Lockdown

After COVID-19, some city streets might never revert to how they were before the lockdown.

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18 Feb 2020

Europe’s Worst Cities For Traffic Congestion

Among the cities of Europe, Moscow has the worst traffic congestion. This is according to

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05 Feb 2020

Where US Commuters Spend The Most Time Stuck In Traffic

The commuters of Los Angeles experience the worst traffic conditions in the United States. This

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17 Jan 2020

In 2026, Hackers Taking Over Self-Driving Cars Can Gridlock Cities

By taking over even a small proportion of driverless cars, hackers can paralyze city operations,

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04 Nov 2019

Mobility-As-A-Service: The Value Proposition For The Public And Our Urban Systems

Private car ownership is going down soon — it is time for Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) to

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23 Oct 2019

The Most Congested Cities In Asia 2019

Being stuck in a traffic gridlock could easily ruin a good day. While there are

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09 Oct 2019

Critical Factors For Mitigating Car Traffic In Cities

Car traffic is a very much present problem in almost all — if not all

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04 Jul 2019

4 Tips For Driving In San Diego

San Diego is certainly a beautiful place with plenty of great attractions, but even the

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28 Jun 2019

The Cities With The Worst Traffic Congestion

Traffic congestion is a problem of almost every city. Too many cars on the streets

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16 Jun 2019

World’s Best Cities For Street Art

Today we take it for granted that we can open up Instagram and immediately be

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21 May 2019

Stuck In Traffic? Productive Things You Can Do While In Your Car

For most people, congested traffic is a daily scenario when going to classes or to

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15 May 2019

Essentials For Making City Driving Easier

An average of 6 million motor vehicle accidents happen in the US, and 3 million people are

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02 Apr 2019

These 8 Cities Are Taking Bold Steps To Get Rid Of Cars

Cities around the world are starting to see that they’ll be cleaner, healthier, and just

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03 Jan 2019

Kids Who Get Driven Everywhere Don’t Know Where They’re Going

Traffic and kids don’t mix. That’s something people intuitively understand. Automobile collisions disproportionately kill kids, for

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04 Dec 2018

How To Turn A Car Town Into A Cycling City

As the home of Royal Philips Electronics for more than 125 years, the southern Netherlands

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13 Nov 2018

Why Walkable Cities Are Good For The Economy, According To A City Planner

People spend more money when cities are less vehicle-oriented. You’ve probably seen the term “walkability”

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18 Oct 2018

Does Racial Bias Show Up In The Crosswalk?

African Americans may have to wait in a crosswalk about 32 percent longer than white

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06 Sep 2018

7 Of The World’s Wackiest Interchanges And Intersections

Normally, the basic rules of the road are enough to keep traffic in order, but

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02 May 2018

Superblocks : How Barcelona Is Taking City Streets Back From Cars

Barcelona is taking city streets back from cars, one block at a time:   This

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24 Dec 2017

A Machine-Learning Census Of America’s Cities

Millions of images of public streets offer a cheap, sweeping view of America’s demography. “WOULD

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13 Sep 2017

16 Ways to Design a Better Intersection—And Better Cities

IF YOU THINK the only purpose of intersections is to move cars past each other, you

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21 Jul 2017

The Immense Impact of Street Design In Our Behavior

As dozens of cities try to emulate Sweden’s success, they’re learning what works and what

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05 Jul 2016

Promote Walking For Health? How About For Whimsical Fun?

In Covington, Kentucky, local businesses and design teams collaborated on quirky installations that take up

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24 Feb 2016

What Makes People Use Public Transport?

As traffic congestion continues growing in urban areas, more and more cities have realized that

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23 Sep 2015

How Road Diet Works For Urban Mobility

Planner Jeff Speck leads a video tour of four different street redesigns. A road diet

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27 Aug 2015

Life On The Slow Lanes In The U.S.

Traffic congestion nationally reached a new peak last year and is greater than ever before,

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02 Jul 2015

What Cities Can Do to Increase the Use of Alternative Transport

A few weeks ago, we invited people to share their thoughts with us about what

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27 Jun 2015

Stacking Cases For Street Park Conversion To Bike Lanes

San Francisco is moving forward with a plan to add protected bike lanes on Polk

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22 Jun 2015

Discovering The Simple Basics Of Pedestrian Behaviour

Our sidewalk interactions are “fundamentally anticipatory in nature,” according to scientists. Big city sidewalks can

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16 Jun 2015

A Case Study In Flawed Street Design

The New Urbanist neighborhood of Stapleton, Colorado, suffers from compromised planning standards. The above picture

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23 Apr 2015

Expanding Walkability In African Cities

Africa is the world’s most rapidly urbanising continent. Transit in cities will have to adapt

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16 Apr 2015

Woonerf : Shared Streets Are Living Streets

The woonerf, or “shared street,” has made its way into U.S. cities. If you aren’t

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13 Apr 2015

Complete Streets 2.0 : The Transformation Of New Haven’s Streets

The city’s new approach puts an emphasis on fast, cheap, and lean designs. As a

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11 Apr 2015

The One Chart That Explains All Your Traffic Woes

When we build more roads, we invite more cars. If you’ve ever found yourself stuck

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25 Mar 2015

Streets Are For People, Not Cars

What makes cities vibrant and successful? Top of the list is urban spaces – including streets

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19 Mar 2015

The Insanity Of City Street Grids

A new data visualisation reveals exactly how serpentine some cities’ road patterns can be. Stephen

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19 Mar 2015

The Laws That Shape Washington, D.C.’s Sidewalks

Ever wonder why some cities have great sidewalks, while others don’t? In this short film

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02 Mar 2015

Netherlands’s Glow-In-The-Dark Highways

After months of pilot testing, a glow-in-the-dark smart highway in the Netherlands has finally gone

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25 Feb 2015

Copenhagen’s Cycling Innovation

From ‘green wave’ traffic lights and majestic harbour bike bridges to digital countdowns and foot

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16 Feb 2015

Cars And Robust Cities Are Fundamentally Incompatible

50 years ago, experts predicted automobiles would drain the life from urban areas. Their predictions

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10 Feb 2015

Better Design For Saving Pedestrians

New York city police are stepping up efforts to rein in jaywalkers after cars struck

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10 Feb 2015

Graffiti For Cities?

Late last year, 5Pointz a graffiti hotspot in Queens, New York, was whitewashed, erasing years

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07 Feb 2015

Parking Innovations That Every City Should Adopt

No one knows more about parking than UCLA’s Donald Shoup, the so-called “prophet of parking”

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30 Jan 2015

The Geometry Of Urban Life

Even a roaming cartophile, looking through an airplane window at night, would be challenged to

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30 Jan 2015

A Guide To Safer Streets and Simple Rules – Courtesy of New York City

In the past decade or so, New York has seen a considerable decline in traffic

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29 Jan 2015

10 Techniques For Making Cities More Walkable

In Jeff Speck’s excellent new book, Walkable City, he suggests that there are ten keys

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