30 Dec 2017

While U.S. Workers Fear Automation, Swedish Employees Welcome It

Two-thirds of Americans believe robots will soon take over the majority of tasks currently done by

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15 Jun 2016

Simply Good Ain’t Simple: Why Is Being A Good Country So Hard?

Sweden tops Good Country Index: a radical study that measures the contribution nations make to

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04 Mar 2016

In Sweden, a Cash-Free Future Nears

STOCKHOLM — Parishioners text tithes to their churches. Homeless street vendors carry mobile credit-card readers.

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19 Oct 2015

Why 6 Is The New 8 When Working In Sweden

Be more focused, have fewer meetings—and then go home early. It sounds like a dream,

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30 Jun 2015

How Uppsala’s Rainbow Powerplant Warms The Community’s Hearts

The city of Uppsala invited BIG to design a biomass cogeneration plant that would offset

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10 Jun 2015

Why Sweden’s Congestion Pricing Program Is A Huge Success

“Traffic is down 12 percent in Gothenburg, and transit use is on the rise.” When

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23 May 2015

A Glimpse Into The Future Of City Halls?

  Opulent clock towers, grand halls, building facades covered in splendour and stone. Looking at

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16 Apr 2015

Woonerf : Shared Streets Are Living Streets

The woonerf, or “shared street,” has made its way into U.S. cities. If you aren’t

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07 Apr 2015

Stockholm : A Glorious Life In Pictures

Stockholm, the capital of Sweden. The centre of Sweden’s economic, cultural and political activities. At

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25 Feb 2015

Taxi Stockholm’s Unusual City Guide

Swedish cab firm Taxi Stockholm has launched Taxi Trails, a new website for tourists that

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25 Feb 2015

The Floating Gardens Of Uppsala

The Swedish city debuted its buoyant pocket park as a way to promote urban farming.

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