02 Mar 2020

How You Can Keep Yourself Entertained While Travelling Through Your City

If you are travelling through your city to get to where you need to be

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25 Jul 2019

Climate Change: We Can Reclaim Cities From The Car Without Inconveniencing People

Since the 1920s, the car has revolutionised the way people travel; eliminating the constraints of

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06 Sep 2018

How Many People Make A Good City?

Australia’s population clock is, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, steadily ticking away at an

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06 Jul 2018

New Tech Only Benefits The Elite Until The People Demand More

The United States faces an infrastructure crisis. Report after report warns that the nation’s networks are old,

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28 May 2018

The Urban Commute Reimagined As A Rhythmic Subterranean Ritual

New York City’s legendary, and recently much-beleaguered, subway is one of the largest, oldest and

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07 Mar 2018

Why Buses Could Be History, Sooner Than You Think

In 1890, no one foresaw the rise of the internal combustion engine: horses were the

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22 Aug 2017

In A Truly Smart City, Even The Daily Commute Is Productive

The alarm on your smart phone went off 10 minutes earlier than usual this morning.

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15 Aug 2017

Aussie Cities Needs To Amp Up Its Regional Transport Aims

In Sydney and Melbourne, the squeeze is on. Population is booming; house prices are still

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03 May 2017

Groove Out To New York Transit With the ‘Multimodal Symphony’

A chaotic animation portrays a full day of New York traffic, from buses to taxis

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20 Mar 2017

Airport Privatisations Have Put Profit Before Public Safety And Good Planning

The plane crash at Essendon Airport last week shows the folly of allowing runways to

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13 Oct 2016

Does Transit Always Increase Land Value?

Cities are harnessing future land values to pay for new infrastructure. But the research behind

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12 Oct 2016

The Value Of Airports As Economic Regions

Airports have a lot of untapped economic potential due to their proximity and connectivity to

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07 Sep 2016

China’s Elevated Bus: Future Concepts Of The Past Made Into Reality Today

Traffic — one of the major consequences of living in the big city. It’s the

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25 Aug 2016

Just When You Thought You’d Love A Tokyo Subway Ride

The Japanese rail network is known throughout the world for its superiority and punctuality. In

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19 Aug 2016

Your Next Taxi Ride Could Be A Joy Ride In The Sky

Skytran recently launched it’s pilot project in Tel Aviv last year. The company’s ‘sky taxis’

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08 Jul 2016

Where The Sea Meets The Sky Is Not The Horizon

Airports need a lot of space, but in the places most in need of air

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13 Jun 2016

A Nostalgic Drive Through World’s Largest Classic Car Junkyard

If you drive 50 miles north of Atlanta, in the U.S. state of Georgia, along

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08 Jun 2016

How We Treat Bike-Share Determines It’s Fate, Helsinki’s Answer

Earlier this month, Helsinki launched a new bike-share program wholly integrated with the rest of

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21 Mar 2016

Hopefully, New Urban Highways Learn From Mistakes Of The Past

As plans advance for the Interstate 49 Connector, Lafayette, Louisiana, might soon find out. Lafayette,

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15 Mar 2016

Why America May Wrongly Hate Those Roundabouts

Maps and data visualizations show the U.S. trailing much of the world when it comes

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10 Mar 2016

Norway’s Billion-Dollar Bet On An Even Cleaner Transport Future

Norway has just announced a new tool in its fight against transit emissions: a new

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01 Mar 2016

What Long-Distance Trains Teach Us About Public Space In America

“What people don’t like about the train is the time lapse. People don’t have time

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24 Feb 2016

Want A Cycling City? Design For Traffic Safety

The World Bicycle Forum in Medellín, Colombia last 2015 brought together more than 4,000 attendees

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03 Feb 2016

California’s Energy Utilities Finally Serious With Electric Cars

The California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) has approved a pilot program that will see public

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20 Jan 2016

Minimum Parking Slot Per Building Is Bad For Cities, Simply Bad

Ottawa’s 90-second PSA concisely outlines the damage of a policy set in the past. Of

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08 Dec 2015

Why In London, Beautiful Journeys Begin With Beautiful Trains

Air-conditioned walk-through carriages, with capacity for 1,500 customers, Wi-Fi and 4G Lightweight and energy efficient

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21 Nov 2015

Imagine A World Where Cycling Is More Popular

A new report calculates how much the world would benefit—especially the environment—from a global shift

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09 Sep 2015

How China’s Cities Can Curb Car Congestion

A century of car-centric urban development has left our cities polluted, congested and searching for

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08 Sep 2015

The 5 Best States For Driving

Bankrate’s recently released “Best and Worst States for Drivers” rankings place Minnesota at number five

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02 Sep 2015

How Transportation Nourishes And Shapes Urban Communities

It is estimated that by 2050, two-thirds of the world’s population will live in cities.

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01 Sep 2015

How Christchurch Returned The City To Its Cycling Roots

After the 2011 disaster, residents were asked what they wanted from the city once known

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31 Aug 2015

Bike City Copenhagen : This Is The Ultimate Bicycle Friendly City

Welcome to Copenhagen, although if you’re a fan of two-wheeled transportation, you’ll probably come to

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31 Aug 2015

8 Surprising Discoveries In Amsterdam Cycling Culture

Amsterdam is a city where 48% of all trips made in the city centre are

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19 Aug 2015

How Car-Centric Cities Like Phoenix Learned To Love Light Rail

While other cities have struggled to finance their existing transit, Sun Belt cities like Phoenix

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30 Jul 2015

Why So Many Want Yet So Few Ride Mass Transit

Closing the support-usage gap will be key to a strong public transportation future. Every transit

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23 Jul 2015

Uber Rides Against Drag Of Fines And Regulations In California

A California judge has ordered Uber to pay $7.3 million for failing to provide certain

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23 Jul 2015

Where Cars Of The Future Must Pass Through First

It’s like a dream world for children obsessed with toy cars—and scientists obsessed with auto

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21 Jul 2015

How NYC Transit Leverages Analytics For Better Services

New York City Transit Uses Analytics to Improve Service to Public To make sense of

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20 Jul 2015

How To Caffeinate Your Bus Commute Creatively

Transportation start-up Leap has launched a high-end public bus service in San Francisco that has

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18 Jul 2015

How Ford Innovation Center Tackles Transportation Tech

As cities grow more congested, Ford wants to be there for customers whether they buy,

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17 Jul 2015

How To Empower Yourself As A Digital Citizen And Make Officials Work

Drivers in Panama City, like elsewhere, are extremely frustrated by potholes on their city roads.

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10 Jul 2015

How Australia Is Using Brilliant Research For Transport Problems

This article is part of the series on the Science and Research Priorities recently announced

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19 Jun 2015

How Transit Mismanagement Drives Poverty

Trains of the Metro Rail Transit (MRT) are “five times more deadly” than those in

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16 Jun 2015

City Public Toilets : The True Measure Of Hygiene

Reacting to the poor offering of public amenities across major cities, apps like Airpnp –

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11 Jun 2015

‘Bikes vs. Cars’ Wages The Wrong War

  Toronto politician Rob Ford is always good for a laugh, if only in recognition

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05 Jun 2015

Mumbai Metro: Your Credit Card Is Now Your Fare Card

Every second counts when you’re racing to catch a bus or a train, and stopping

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21 Apr 2015

Jeff Speck : The Walkable City

 How do we solve the problem of the suburbs? Urbanist Jeff Speck shows how

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18 Apr 2015

These Ads Will Make You Want To Ride The Public Transit

Different cities all over the world have their own unique modes of public transport and

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16 Apr 2015

All The Ways Germany Is Less Car-Reliant Than The U.S., In 1 Chart

There are rather a lot of ways, as it turns out. For two Western powers

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