27 Jun 2019

The Most Popular Sports In Turkey

Sports are popular in all countries, with many members of each population enjoying either taking

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22 Jun 2018

These Charts Show Where The World’s Refugees Came From In 2017 – And Where They’re Heading

Where do most of the world’s refugees come from? And where do they end up?

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22 Jan 2018

What Would An Earthquake-Proof City Look Like?

Earthquakes don’t kill people (generally), collapsing buildings do – meaning it is cities where the

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31 Oct 2016

Kayakoy: A Greek Ghost Town in Turkey

Eight kilometers to the south of Fethiye city in southwestern Turkey lies the ruins of

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04 May 2015

Adventures Through The World’s Lost Cities

Tourists relish the history, mystery and spiritual draw. Gazing at the Andean peaks soaring above

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13 Mar 2015

Floating On The Dock Of The Bay : A Waterfront Revival

The small-scale, DIY nature of Izmir’s modular docks won the project a silver medal in

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11 Feb 2015

How The Ancient Underground City Of Cappadocia Became A Fruit Warehouse

For centuries, people have lived in caves and tunnels under this region of Turkey. Now

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