25 Aug 2019

Amazon Fires Explained: What Are They, Why Are They So Damaging, And How Can We Stop Them?

Imagine a rainforest at dawn – the tall canopy laden with dripping ferns and orchids,

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23 Aug 2019

Leaked Documents Show Brazil’s Bolsonaro Has Grave Plans For Amazon Rainforest

Leaked documents show that Jair Bolsonaro’s government intends to use the Brazilian president’s hate speech

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21 Aug 2019

Amazon Rainforests That Were Once Fire-Proof Have Become Flammable

The Amazon rainforest is described as the planet’s lungs for good reason. So much carbon

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22 Aug 2018

When The Weather Is Extreme, Is Climate Change To Blame?

Dramatic weather events happened these past few weeks in many parts of the Northern Hemisphere.

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